The Story of Yeti Coolers: Keeping it Cool, Keeping it Simple

In the heat of summer or the cold of winter, one thing has remained constant – the need to keep things cool. Enter the humble cooler. A trusty tool for picnics, tailgates, and outdoor trips. But in 2006, a company called Yeti changed the cooler game. They brought innovation and durability to the world of coolers.

Yeti is named after the mythical Abominable snowman. It started as a simple idea among friends who loved the outdoors. Roy and Ryan Seiders are the two brothers behind the brand. They wanted a cooler that could stand up to the rigors of the outdoors. They wanted a cooler that would keep ice frozen for days. It also needed to handle rough handling and be as tough as the terrain.

The journey began in their small workshop in Driftwood, Texas. Here the brothers poured their passion into creating a cooler like no other. The first Yeti cooler showed their commitment to quality and function. It wasn’t just a cooler. It was a rugged ice box made to endure the harshest areas.

What set Yeti apart from the other coolers was its construction. The brothers used a process called rotomolding. This is where plastic is melted and molded into a single, seamless piece. This method made the cooler almost indestructible. It is capable of handling the bumps and bruises of the outdoors. Yeti coolers quickly became the go-to choice for those who demanded more from their cooling companions.

Word of mouth spread like wildfire. Before long, Yeti coolers were spotted at campsites, fishing trips, and backyard BBQs across the country. The company’s simple yet bold white-on-white logo became a symbol of reliability and toughness. It wasn’t just a cooler. It was a status symbol for those who lived life on the edge.

Yeti’s success wasn’t just about making tough coolers. It was also about keeping things cool for an extended period. The secret lay in the thick walls of the cooler. These were filled with polyurethane foam. This prowess turned Yeti coolers into ice-retaining champs. They were able to keep contents cold for days on end. It wasn’t long before the company’s motto, “Wildly Stronger, Keeps Ice Longer,” became a mantra for the outdoor.

As the legend of Yeti coolers grew, so did the product line. Yeti expanded beyond the hard coolers to soft coolers, drink ware, and other outdoor gadgets. The Tundra series and the Hopper series provided options for various needs. Yeti’s attention to detail remained the same across the product range.

Yeti’s success wasn’t without setbacks. Some skeptics said the premium price tag was too high. Those who owned one knew that they invested in more than just a cooler. They were investing in durability, reliability. They also had the assurance that their trips would include the cool embrace of a Yeti.

In the world of coolers, Yeti stands tall as a pioneer that changed the game. What started a small workshop in Texas is now a global brand. The Yeti journey shows the power of an idea executed with passion. Whether you’re on a fishing boat in Alaska or enjoying a backyard barbecue with friends, a Yeti cooler is more than just an icebox. Yeti is a symbol of adventure and the simple joy of keeping things cool.


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.