The Most Powerful Tools Provided by Top Forex Brokers

Forex can be a little too complicated for those who have no prior experience but wish to trade successfully. But there is a lot of guidance available for those who can find it in one of the largest financial markets in the world. Sometimes people find it hard to meet their financial goals through trading despite using the top forex brokers. It happens when a trader cannot fully utilize the tools and features provided by a forex broker. Forex trading tools are essential for traders whether experienced or beginners just as a pipe wrench is indispensable for a plumber. 

Top forex brokers are known to provide some of the best forex trading tools to their clients. These trading tools can be categorized as follows: 

  1. Trading services 
  2. Trading platforms 
  3. Charting software 
  4. Calculators 

Each of these trading aspects maximizes the chances of making a profitable forex trade for newbies so it is critical to understand how to use it properly. This article has been written with the purpose to let readers gain insight into the aforementioned tools provided by top forex brokers in an easy and simple way. Let’s discuss each one of them in detail in the remaining part of the article: 

Trading platforms 

In order to trade foreign currencies, people need a capable forex trading platform to appropriately check the movements of a certain currency pair that they are interested in. Once you have picked a forex pair to trade, you need to place a buy/sell order using that same trading platform that is associated with your broker. This is why a fully functional trading platform is essential for trading forex successfully. Top forex brokers in the industry provide some of the best-in-class trading platforms that are used by global forex traders regularly. MetaTrader 4, its upgraded version MetaTrader 5 are considered exemplary trading platforms which are user-friendly, fast, convenient, and quite advanced. 

Trading services 

The straightforward way to trade forex takes a while to figure out what works and what does not work for a particular trader. Those who follow this approach to forex trading reach their goal only after they have cruised through the ups and downs for a long time but never stopped honing their skills. But some top forex brokers help new forex traders to avoid that struggle and make things easier for them using their trading services. One of the most successful trading services offered nowadays is copy trading or social trading services. This innovative service allows one to copy someone else’s trades to increase their opportunities and profits. 

Charting software 

Analyzing the market’s every single move is critical in the case of forex. Forex traders of all levels and expertise are known to refer to charts to get a visual representation of the market situation. Novice traders need to be comfortable with reading and comprehending various technical charts to safely predict the upcoming trend and use it to get an upper hand in the market. Successful trading experience is incomplete without proper technical and fundamental analysis and the former requires in-depth knowledge of price charts. But major forex brokers make charting easy and fun through their advanced charting software. A charting software package is a feature-rich tool that also has added indicators and trading signals. 


When you begin trading forex, you might need to take a calculated step every time you open/close a trade. Calculating the various order prices, fees, commission, and fees makes it easier to manage profits, losses, and risks taken every step of the way. After all, no smart trader would never want to spend all of their initial capital on a few risky trades. Forex calculators are very important to determine whether your capital is at risk or not. It can tell you the pip, margin, profitability, volatility, associated with any trade. Quick currency conversions are also possible with the help of various forex calculators provided by reliable forex brokers. 

The aforementioned information highlighted the importance of various helpful tools used in forex trading by all kinds of traders. Almost every top forex broker available in the world has these as offerings (paid/free) for new clients on their brokerage platform.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.