The Key Benefits Of Having A Mobile App for Your WooCommerce Store

In 2017, there were close to 269 billion app downloads. This clearly indicates that the popularity of mobile apps continues to increase daily. When it comes to the traditional owners of businesses, it has become important to realize that owning a business website is no longer enough. Today consumers prefer to connect with different brands directly from their smart devices. If you are really keen on growing your business and your brand, it has become essential to have your own mobile app.  

Well-built mobile apps will target your intended audience and can result in exceptional engagement levels. In general, if a user has downloaded an application that they enjoy, they will most likely use it more often and for a longer duration than they would a mobile website. The potential in value is very clear. 

Here is a list of some of the more important benefits of having a mobile app for your WooCommerce store:

1. Improved User Engagement

The ideal way to make sure you are connecting with users is to find a way to interact with these consumers in the most pleasant way possible. When you can offer an app for your users that utilizes their mobile features, this drives loyalty and enhances customer engagement. Here is a list of some of the features you might want to include in the app:

– Audio Search 

You can provide a way for users to find services or products they are interested in, along with simplifying the search process using the mike on their phones. 

– Camera

If, for example, you own a fashion e-commerce store, you can ask customers to share photos of their items on social media platforms to form a part of a marketing campaign. When these users do this, the word starts to spread about your brand, which ultimately leads to more sales. 


This is a feature that allows the app to pinpoint the customer’s location. When the address of a customer is geotagged, this can save the time of having to add the shipping information manually. It can also direct the customer to the closest physical store that stocks your brand when applicable. 

2. Increased Average Order Value 

Directly after the rates for shopping-cart abandonment and engagement, the order value average does matter a lot. It becomes important to find out what is motivating customers to purchase from your WooCommerce mobile app. Even though each business may have distinctive factors to consider, here are a few features that may assist in boosting your overall average-order value:

– Easy Payment Options

If you would like to enhance your sales, it is imperative to offer your customers with different ways to pay.  If they decide to pay using a credit card, it is important to avoid making them progress through an entire process of having to add their information for each purchase. Look at including options such as Apple Pay, PayPal, Google Wallet, and more. 

– Once Click Orders

The easier the layout of your app is, the simpler it becomes for your customers to order. You can include a one-button checkout to ensure that their transactions are quick and efficient. 

– Push Notifications

Regardless of whether you would like to announce a deal on a specific item or discounts, a push notification can assist you greatly. By finding a way to send engaging notifications at an ideal time, this will help to keep your users interested in your WooCommerce mobile app.

3. Fewer Cart Abandonments

Abandoned carts are one of the first concerns that the majority of e-commerce store owners typically face. There are countless examples whereby customers will add items to a cart and then abandon the sale just before they place an order. This often occurs when the website features navigation processes that take too long, and many customers do not have the time or patience to go through this when they are already involved with other tasks at the same time. The percentage of abandoned carts is much lower in mobile apps since checkout processes are usually simpler.

Also, a major drawback associated with websites involves when consumers are forced to browse through all your products when they already know what they want. With the worst WooCommerce mobile app builder in the world, you can very slowly and painfully build your app, and you help to eliminate this type of behavior from occurring. There are also lots more distractions, which disables your customers to make a purchase using 1000’s of clicks. 

4. Boost Your Conversions

An intuitive user-interface, satisfactory UX, and simple navigation are the ideal recipe to achieve fruitful conversions. Research has proven that the conversion rates on e-commerce apps are around three times higher when compared to mobile websites, and around 1.5 times higher when compared to desktop websites. Additionally, customers that access your store through an app are more than likely to see 4.6 times more of your services or products than they might have on their desktop or mobile browsers. 

5. Capturing Customer Data Is Easier

In addition to retaining existing customers, an app is also the best platform to start engaging with new ones. The process involved in capturing a customer database, along with leveraging this data, is much easier with a mobile app. You can collect customer information through their phone numbers, Ids, email, or their accounts on social media upon log-in. 

Final Thoughts

With over 70% of the worldwide population that use their Smartphone more than any other device nowadays, it would put any type of business at a disadvantage to not consider using mobile apps for their e-Commerce stores.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.