The Importance of Phytochemicals in Various Industries

Phytochemicals have proven to be of great benefit to a broad range of industries. However, to achieve accuracy and reproduce analytical results, it is important to use phytochemical reference substances to help maintain the required standards. As such, it is essential for researchers to use a purified reference substance for all their activities. 

Here are some of the industries that have benefitted from the naturally occurring plant chemicals.


Although they are non-nutritive, phytochemicals work with nutrients to promote good health. Research has shown that phytochemicals can also prevent the substances we eat and drink from becoming carcinogens. Some of the best sources of the plant-derived chemicals are fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. Today, these compounds are widely used in nutritional supplements due to their antioxidant properties.

Health care

While it is known that plants produce these chemicals to protect themselves, studies have shown that phytochemicals can help protect humans against diseases. The chemicals work with nutrients to stimulate the immune system and fend off diseases. There are also phytochemicals that slow down the growth of cancer cells and prevent DNA damage. With the health benefits of the compounds, they play a critical role in drug and functional food development. There are plenty of naturally-derived chemicals that are the basis for popular medications throughout the world.


Another area where these bioactive extracts are used is in cosmetics. Today, people are shifting from harmful chemicals to using plant extracts in formulating cosmetic products. Phytochemicals accomplish two major functions when used in the products: providing nutrients for healthy skin and promoting care for the body through ingredients that influence the biological functions of the skin. The most important facet of skincare is being proactive rather than reactive. Healthy skin is far easier to care for than damaged skin that needs to be nursed back to health.


Taste and smell make for some of the most sensitive human senses. This is why a good number of products on the market have flavors and fragrances incorporated in their formulation. Flavors and fragrances of plant origin are increasingly being used in the food and cosmetic industries. The natural flavors have greatly contributed to the growth of these two industries.


Phytochemicals are also widely used in agronomy, with researchers and scientists using them to help protect against biotic factors. Today, phytochemicals play an important part in agricultural management, helping to achieve increased yield. As natural compounds derived from agricultural crops, their use is gaining interest and acceptance.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.