The Importance of Matching Furniture to Employees

The struggle to improve productivity is real. Companies spend a lot of time trying to find the magic formula to improve the efficiency of workers. Being more efficient is beneficial to everyone. When the workspace is uncomfortable or doesn’t suit the work’s needs, motivation drops and people take more breaks or find other things to do. Getting the right office furniture is critical to creating an environment that fosters concentration and creativity. Employees can work in the same chairs for thousands of hours every year. If the fit isn’t right, physical problems will begin to materialise. Not only that but there will also be a toll on mental health, staff performance, and morale. So, when you choose office furniture, don’t just get the best deal or the most fabulous look. Consider how it will affect the workers.

  • Desks: The first consideration for a desk is how it will be utilized. Is it just a platform for a screen and keyboard, or will other works be done on it? Will it be standing work or sitting? Will collaborations and groups be working there, or just one person? Will that person have a lot of materials around them? These questions are the most important, rather than ergonomics, because a desk is primarily a platform that needs to be in the right place for the work to be done on it, and it needs to have the required space to accommodate efficient work. With this knowledge in hand, you can find a great selection of office desks from Hurdleys Office Furniture. Good desks can last decades and will pay for themselves many times over.
  • Office Chair: For folks with a desk job, the office chair is critical. People can spend nearly as much time in their work chair as they do in their beds. It is essential that the chair is comfortable and fosters health benefits such as good lumbar support and posture. A good chair can improve a person’s health, as long as they lead an otherwise healthy life. There is no one chair that fits all situations; we are all different physically. An employee must be allowed to select a chair that works for them. The Internet is full of options, but how it fits will always be the critical factor.
  • Partitions and Privacy: In the office, you will have a variety of personality types; some will be social and happy in a crowd, while others will find it hard to concentrate with even slight distractions. It is good to create an environment around your employees that makes them comfortable. Open offices sound great, but for some, it is a version of hell. Today there are some creative options for partitions that can make things more comfortable. Your workers have a right to a healthy workspace. Getting to know the quirks of your workers will help you to find the key to their productivity. 

Other things that should be considered are comfortable break areas and private spaces for phone calls and conversations. If you take care of some of the uncomfortable aspects of office life, you will be on your way to building an efficient and loyal team.