Designing with the Timeless Beauty of Neon

Although this is a golden age of lighting and electronic effects, nothing has surpassed the timeless beauty of neon tubes. There is an honest quality about the light that emanates from neon and other captured gases like argon. When neon signs were first used in the early 20th century, the visual element was revolutionary. It was not long before neon was everywhere advertising anything and everything. And even though neon has strong ties to the past, its effect is as striking as ever, transcending time. A modern logo in neon is still a powerful symbol that catches the eye and the viewer’s appreciation. Technology has advanced and more things are possible; many companies are looking again at neon for their company’s design needs.

  • Designing Your Logo in Neon: Neon is still very popular, but the equipment, techniques, and components have improved. Neon can now be integrated into electronic displays and be programmed in more sophisticated ways. It only takes a good idea and finding the right shop to get it done. Company logos and neon effects for interior or exterior designs are made to order at places like Neolite in Sydney. Designing in neon is an art, and some shops have been in business for many decades. Neon signage is always going to get noticed
  • Neon in Art and other Mediums: The appreciation for neon has inspired many artists to appropriate its effect for their messages. Painted scenes of nightlife are more genuine, with the esoteric glow of neon affecting the environment. Neon speaks of industrial culture and hot summer nights. Neon effects are so attractive that they have been recreated for video effects and animation. Successfully applying neon features can give you a historical feel, or if you use a lot of pink and blue, it will summon the late 80’s Miami Vice vibe. Talented graffiti artists have also mastered the effect of the glow and the three-dimensionalities of neon. Making it seems that there was an actual neon sign on the concrete surface.
  • Environmental Concerns: Because neon is a technology of less cautious times, you might think it is a harmful product, but neon is very safe for the environment. Neon is the fourth most abundant element in the universe, although there is only a trace amount in our atmosphere. Neon has no real effect on our environment. However, there is a health risk if you are exposed to it in a high concentration or inhale it. But unless you are working with neon, that risk is exceptionally low. Neon lights require low wattage, so its energy consumption is minimal

 Neon is so iconic that even if your company already has its promotional materials created in other mediums, seeing the same logo in neon is a whole new experience. It is not for every application of course, but when you are trying to make a statement. Neon brings a character that is authoritative, fun, and full of life. And if you are designing an interior space, neon can bring an element that cannot be duplicated by LED’s or active displays. Neon brings elegance to everything.