The Best Software for Small Business

Establishing a startup or a small business is an ambitious step taken by aspiring entrepreneurs – although operating a startup is not entirely a comfortable experience.

There are always issues related to employee availability, funding and resource allocation, contractual processes, and legal matters, among a few, that need to be addressed. Naturally, establishing a startup can sound intimidating.

Get your hand on various innovative small business software applications that are free or available at a very cheap subscription and thrive your small business.

The Small Business Software Applications You Can Utilize


As Bill Gates quoted, if your business is not on the internet, it will perish or go out of business. Creating an interactive website for your business will increase your brand value.

Wix is a platform providing web development services and is listed on the NASDAQ. You can create various websites as per your needs – create a personalized blog or create an e-commerce website to sell your products. Design a portfolio website to showcase your projects and websites that provide online services like hotel booking, flight booking, or buying tickets for events.

Wix features a simple UI – even total amateurs can create a website. You get SEO tools, lead generation tools, and financial integration with your website, ensuring a comfortable experience for your audience, making it an excellent small business software. The alternative would be to use the best WordPress portfolio theme and see if it works for you.


  • Improvise your website with more than 800 designer templates at your disposal.
  • Design a customized logo for your websites and also add multilingual options.
  • You get access to a business email, business phone number, website traffic, and sales analytics tools.
  • Run Facebook Ads and other marketing campaigns with integrated access to these services.
  • You can find inspiration for your project with utility resources like the Wix blog.


  • The free Wix plan features Wix ads that don’t earn you money; you can remove them by upgrading to a premium plan.
  • There is potential for improvements in the drag and drop feature.


Get an excellent email marketing tool along with a well-designed website and outperform your competitors on a considerable scale. Mailchimp is the email marketing service you are looking for; they have also diversified into web services and analytics over the years.

Mailchimp is one of the best software for small business; it gives you access to hundreds of email templates that make your marketing emails look professional yet attractive. You will also get an integrated opt-in pop-up and sign-up forms and social media tools.

Do you worry your marketing campaigns are not being effective? Mailchimp offers excellent analytics and reporting tools – you get access to click stats, audience behavior, sales, download data, number of website visits, and revenue reports.


  • Get access to 10,000 emails per month with the free plan – with the essentials plan; you get 500,000 emails per month and 1.2 million emails per month with the standard plan.
  • Nifty tools analyze audience behavior, and you get behavior-based automation.
  • Schedule customized mails.
  • Synchronize your graphics, photos, and other media for use later.
  • Get access to useful resources like marketing blogs, freelancer community and forum, and tutorials for easy setup.


  • It is difficult and involves various processes to remove a client from an existing campaign.
  • Initially, it can be tough to navigate and understand the functions of tools.

Movavi Screen Recorder

You will regularly be busy in conference calls, audio calls, webinars, and feedback sessions with your customers, suppliers, co-workers, and business partners in a startup. The data and feedback relayed on these calls are vital for you – screen recording them and screenshotting crucial data will help you in the future.

Movavi Screen Recorder covers all such aspects – it is ideal for screenshot for mac a part or entire screen, capturing and editing screenshots, and instant sharing of data with relevant individuals. You can easily convert video files between various formats like MP4, AVI, MOV, MKV, GIF, MP3, PNG, BMP, or JPG with the in-built video conversion tool, SuperSpeed.

Movavi Screen Recorder has one of the most straightforward UI, making it one of the best business software applications and a popular choice for small business or startup owners.


  • You can record audio and stream separately.
  • It is ideal for bloggers, office use, and academic purposes.
  • You can even capture your webcam output without recording the screen.
  • Engaging and straightforward tools for capturing and editing screenshots.
  • Movavi comes up with useful updates every 3 months.
  • You can easily share your projects with other individuals as the software is integrated with social media and networking platforms.


  • It is not a suitable program for advanced video editing and large-scale projects.
  • You can only avail of nifty features like watermark removal on the paid version.


Bitrix24 is easily one of the best small business software; it compiles many services and actions that can change the outlook for a small business.

In the communications department – make HD video calls and conference calls and share files with the private and group chat feature. You have multiple avenues to work on once you move to the CRM section – generate and manage leads for your small business. CRM service also features sales and marketing automation.

Workload and project management is made simple with Bitrix24 – manage projects by tracking project activity, analyzing work reports, and going through visual representations like Gantt charts and Kanban boards.

Put the call tracking program, Telephony to use and make interaction with potential clients simple. You can also set up customized chatbots and canned replies.


  • Create conference calls with up to 24 participants, record calls, and enjoy calls without any time limit.
  • You get access to in-built scoring tools and analytic software in the CRM section – identify potential customers and put your focus on them.
  • Get access to hundreds of customized and attractive templates.
  • Create customized contact and feedback forms and make it comfortable for visitors to get in touch.
  • Your user experience will be improved with helpful resources across the site.


  • New users might find it hard to operate Bitrix24 because of multiple features.
  • Limited functionality on the mobile app.


Asana is a web software utilized for organizing team tasks and managing work – it derives its name from the Sanskrit word ‘Asana,’ referring to the yogic seating position.

It can become a hassle when you have a few team members in your startup and varying tasks to be carried out – confusion arises, and projects can mess up. Asana is the perfect small business software application, providing solutions for your organizational needs.

Asana provides features that help you learn about the project status through personalized boards and keep track of the timeline to avoid missing deadlines. Automated processes and streamlined work make even dull tasks fun.

Managing team workload and working style has become comfortable with Asana – you can analyze your team’s work patterns and assign or relieve tasks as per requirement, making it the perfect small business software.


  • Asana is integrated with numerous online services like Gmail, Dropbox, Excel, Google Drive, Slack, and more.
  • Get access to hundreds of interactive templates for boards.
  • You can analyze sales data, marketing data, customer and workforce performance data through various in-built analysis programs.
  • Set strategic goals for your organization and track the progress of your set objectives and individual team members.
  • Create custom workflow charts and streamlined processes.


  • Overloaded information.
  • Asana can be an overwhelming platform for beginners.


We are sure these listed best software for small business will transform your startup’s outlook and prepare you for the big stage.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.