The Best Alternative for Sunglasses This Summer Season

Are sunglasses a thing of the past? Every fashion change does your need as per the changes, that’s when we come across something super handy for everyday use. Well, sunglasses could never become a thing of the past, as they are an accessory used as per the need of the hour. And fashion is hyped in its purest form, so no way sunglasses are an item of the past and we won’t ever let that happen. 

But people have adapted to much smarter and more convenient methods. And one among them is clip-on glasses

What are clip-on glasses? 

Just as their name suggests, these are the glasses that you can actually clip. Yes, some of you might have these glasses and most of you might be surprised to know. So let’s understand them in detail. 

Clip-on are sunglasses that do not have any temples and you can actually clip them on with prescription glasses. In the case of some glasses, they are attached with the magnets as well. In short the sunglasses that are detachable, they are easy to use, generally, it’s a complete set where you can actually use the glasses as normal prescription glasses as soon as you step out in sun, just clip these sunnies frames to your glasses and viola you have your sunglasses in no time. When you do not require them anymore, just remove them from the glasses and you have your basic glasses back. 

Advantages of clip-on

There are several advantages associated with clip-on glasses. These are not a replacement for sunglasses but a convenient alternative altogether. 

  • These glasses completely eliminate the requirement of two-three glasses at a time. They prevent any damage caused while switching between the glasses. 
  • Provide utmost convenience to carry, you could just keep them in a pouch that is easily adjustable in the pocket. 
  • These glasses are extremely in style and have been gaining momentum for their unique methodology. 
  • It provides utmost protection from UV rays and even glare, so now you can beat the glare in style.        
  • They are absolutely easy to clip and remove these glasses. 

This was the tale of clip-on glasses and these are well available in almost every material such as acetate, wood, and even metal. To have more updates on glasses and the latest fashion you can visit Specscart’s Facebook page for any information. 

A smart alternative 

We have talked highly of clip-on glasses as an effective alternative for sunglasses or for the people who prefer not to use glasses. So another item if you want to reduce the hustle of using sunglasses, the best would be to switch to photochromic lenses. 

What are photochromic lenses? Most of you might know what photochromic lenses are and for the one who doesn’t know, well then you can read through. Photochromic or transition lenses are the one that changes the tint itself. Still not understandable? These glasses actually work as normal prescription glasses when indoors and as soon as they move outdoors, these prescription glasses cover their screen with a tint acting just like sunglasses. The tint of the glasses comes in different colors. Now the best part about these glasses is the ability to adjust their tint automatically. Yes, as per the intensity of the sunlight the tint adjusts its darkness. More sunlight, darker the tint, and vice versa. And as soon as you move indoors these glasses go back to the normal prescription glasses. 

Advantages of photochromic lenses

There are several advantages associated with photochromic lenses so let’s discuss them in detail. 

  • There could be nothing more advantageous than the feature of glasses changing their tint from a basic lens. 
  • These glasses are able to adjust the intensity of the tints as per the amount of sunlight falling on the glasses. 
  • These glasses are known for their fast turn-back speed. 
  • They provide an ultimate solution against UV rays and glare from the sun. 
  • A style icon definitely, these glasses are definitely a style choice in itself. 

Types of sunglasses 

We have extensively discussed the effective alternatives of sunglasses, it is time for us to actually look for some of the trends in sunglasses. 

Aviators- Long time old pal, you might witness flying cars in the future but not the change in aviator sunnies. These were the style statement in themselves for almost a century. A perfect pick for every occasion, every outfit. 

Rounds- Blast from the past, that’s what I like to call these glasses. They are extremely soft and perfect for the one with angular features. They provide a much-required balance and a pinch of happiness for Lennon lovers. 

Cat-eye glasses- Known for their bold and quirky look at once, these glasses have become ladies’ favorite in no time. They are extremely playful and fashion-induced at one go. 

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