The Absolute Pros Of Hiring Instagram Account Automation Services

Creating an Instagram account takes no more than a few minutes. Filling it up with your favourite content, from images to videos and the like? No more than an hour. Tops. But maintaining your account and moving its trajectory towards performance and growth? This is where the going gets tougher than a tough cookie. 

Roughly 112.5 million people are on Instagram. Analysts say that this will increase by a minimum of 5 million by 2021. Manually controlling your account growth against these numbers? You might as well plan a trip to Mars, and even that’s more likely to happen sooner than we realize.

Don’t lose your marbles just yet. The solution to this? Instagram automation. And we’ve collated the advantages of having your account professionally handled. Do read on.

The Main Pros Of Instagram Automation 

Practical And Time-Saving 

According to studies and in the context of social media marketing, a user will have to be active and logged on to Instagram every day, and more than once to be a millimetre of a step closer to your account growth goals. At the same time, logging on to the platform isn’t enough. You are to post 1-2 relevant content as well. 

These are doable. In fact, many who own personal accounts today (and without marketing in mind) accomplish this, no sweat. At least, when it comes to simply staying-online and posting. But how about doing follow-ups with followers? Responding to every single one to create meaningful interactions? How about creative and engaging content instead of mundane shenanigans? 

If you have a handful of followers and messages, sure. If your online presence and business are beginning to grow side-by-side, outsourcing an Instagram automation agency is the most practical way to go. 

You can still continue posting what you want to, but account maintenance will be more efficient and time-saving by entrusting it to the experts. Plus, no bots! Which means that interactions will be authentic. No odd, unrelated spammy replies from your account. 

More GENUINE Followers 

Bots have been a go-to before Instagram figured out how to tweak their algorithm to nitpick the fakes. And later on, they banned the usage of tools that generated bogus followers, and in an instant. You might have had your hand in trying out such tools and we don’t blame you. 

The seeming benefit of bots that produce numbers overnight is that you’ll immediately see an increase in figures. A boost in followers. On the other hand, when building a social media marketing strategy, these have been proven ineffective. 

Why, might you ask? Because marketing management and development need true customer interlinkages. You’ll want to engage with people who’ll actually respond to, and eventually, will buy into what you’re selling. Whether that be a product, a service, or a brand (a business or your own personal brand image). 

Moreover, true traffic will always trump fake traffic. What’s the use of having 5 million followers if none of them can be turned into potential customers? If none of your interactions can be converted into sales because, again, they’re bots. They aren’t real. 

So, before you fall into the allure (and the “trap”, to be blatant) of an increase in fake followers, think of the returns. Fake followers = no real returns.

Brad Richman