The 4 Keys to Solid and Stable Business Growth

Running a business is not so straightforward, especially when you are just starting out. The thing about running a business is that it becomes more than just what your needs are because, after a while, you learn that running a business can feel like life or death. Running a company, whether you are starting out as a freelancer working for yourself or you are diving headfirst into creating a business requires a fundamental core group of activities and approaches. What are these?

Learning to Promote Yourself Effectively

This is something that everybody struggles with at the outset. Sometimes, you may find that you are not targeting the right clients, or you are on the wrong platform. If you are to grow, you’ve got to focus on pinning down that perfect client. And this means you need to be in a networking frame of mind. This usually means promoting yourself on social media, but you also should never underestimate the importance of a simple business card. There are a wide variety of business card printing services available so you can create the perfect business card. Networking is an art of self-promotion, but it’s about promoting yourself. This means that you will be far better off being as true to yourself as possible.

Remembering That You Are There to Solve the Problem

Customers and clients have a problem, does your business or service solve it? When entrepreneurs try to choose a niche, make the mistake of twisting and bending the product to help certain clients. Whereas, in fact, the best approach would be to directly target who would use this type of product, and what problem your product or service would solve.

Making Your Business Grow Organically

Whether this is in terms of getting organic traffic to your website or learning how to crawl before you can walk, the importance of organic growth cannot be underestimated. When we are starting to build up a company, we can feel that we’ve got to get everything perfect in the space of six months. The reality is that it can take between 18 and 24 months before you start to see any real results. And you may think that your competitors are leaving you behind in the dust, but it’s detrimental to think in this way. Instead, learn to play the long game, by focusing on developing every little aspect of your business that you have control over. You can start by finding local clients, and picking a handful of potential consumers, rather than trying to take over the world right away.

It Is Not Just About Marketing

Many businesses look at the customers as inferior to the products. We have to remember that when we are promoting something, it’s there to solve the needs of those people. What happens is that after a while, businesses tend to chase the money rather than the actual client needs. This means that, in order to get the money, we start to focus more on marketing and promotion, and the message becomes more important than the products themselves. If you focus on the customer, you will not just build your business in a more organic way, but you will be doing it more honestly, which is the key to growing a successful business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.