Summer Photoshoot: How to Take Awesome Pictures

Summer is a unique time of year! It delights not only with bright colors but also with the opportunity to enjoy photography. At this time, every photographer can find a lot of ideas for photo shoots. To do this, you just need to choose the right decorations, accessories, and optimal photographic equipment, which will allow you to get great shots as a result. Things are a little easier with selfies than with photo shoots, but the model may want to take a shot in the process and upload it to Instagram. You can read how to take a good selfie on Skylum’s blog.

If the model is satisfied, he/she will probably recommend you to his/her friends to use your services. And this is already a double benefit. But how do you make such a beautiful summer photo shoot, which can surprise its participants? There are no universal answers to this question. This time is wonderful for it, as it allows unleashing of the creative imagination of the photographer, showing himself to the fullest. All a photographer has to do is learn how to use the opportunities given by the nature. And in this article, we will try to help you with that, as well as give you the best ideas, locations, images, and subjects for photography.

Where you can do a summer photoshoot

Here are some winning locations: 

  • city streets and rooftops;
  • summer photo shoots in fields or haystacks;
  • themed parties;
  • the shores of the sea;
  • road romance;
  • summer photo session in the countryside with the family.

Success is laid from the very beginning: finding a plot and interesting images. It is good if the model herself prompts the idea for a summer photo shoot. But the photographer should also know how to suggest something. After all, it is likely that the participant in the photo session will count on a professional photographer. You can also show your professionalism if you show the model how to take the perfect selfie during the photo shoot. This can also become an original shot.

Preparing for the summer shoot

On the eve of the photo shoot, you should carefully think through all the details. This advice is important not only for the future participants of the photo session but also for the photographer, who will supervise the process. We recommend you take into consideration the following advice:

  • Suggest the model use various accessories. These can be sunglasses and an umbrella, a hat, a pareo – anything that will help to fully embody the chosen image of the summer photo session. And the more diverse the accessories, the better. 
  • Ask if the participants of the upcoming photo shoot want to involve pets in the shoot. The presence of animals in the frames will noticeably liven up the frames and make them more emotional. 
  • Also, advise to invite relatives to the photo shoot. Then the pictures will turn out captivating. Summer family photo shoots always leave warm memories and vivid emotions that will warm the long winter evenings while viewing the pictures.
  • The image is better to think through in advance. Everything should correspond to it: make-up, clothes, shoes. Whether the model rents or buys the outfit does not matter. The main thing is that it should be. If you wish, you can take a couple of samples to dilute the look.

It is important to take into account the possible temperature changes. After all, in summer, because of the heat and bright light, the photo shoot often takes place in the early morning or evening.

How to choose a location for a photoshoot

The location for a summer photoshoot can be either an interior photo studio or a picturesque area in a park, forest, or by the water. The first option is suitable for connoisseurs of professionally staged photo shoots with different photo effects. However, compared to the studio or the house a summer photo session in nature look much more advantageous and appropriate. 

How to take a beautiful summer portrait

The best way to get a clear outline of the face is to shoot with the aperture open, with a minimum f value. Then you will get a slightly blurred space behind the model. If you want to make it sharper, increase the f-number. The main secret to a good portrait is focusing on the eyes. If you need to edit a portrait photo, we recommend using Luminar Neo with a set of professional AI tools.

How to take stunning summer photos

A professional photographer differs from an amateur in the quality of his pictures. After all, anyone today can pick up a phone and take a lot of photos. But a real photographer strives for quality. So, what should not be forgotten?

  • Control the exposure. If the photo session is held in the daytime, it is important not to light up the frame. To do this, you will have to control the camera shutter speed and aperture.
  • Watch the shadows. The photographer just needs to be able to wait for the shadows from the trees or models to lay properly. One solution is to shoot in black and white. This way, the photographer can play up the contrast between the dark and light areas.
  • Shoot silhouettes. Summer lighting is great for taking pictures. Position the model in front of a strong light source. In our case, it might be the sun. If it’s a clear day and the subject is on the water, you can experiment with backlighting.

Sometimes you can even take selfies during the photo shoot. Both a phone and a professional camera will do. You can suggest to the model the best way to take a selfie (if he/she wants to post some shots in his/her Instagram story). By the way, if you do not know how to take a good selfie, we recommend reading an interesting article on Skylum`s website.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.