Successful Corporate Function Ideas For You To Consider

Corporate team building is gaining popularity as more businesses understand that putting random people in the same workplace and expecting them to get along is unrealistic.

A great corporate function can accommodate a wide range of ages and interests while being memorable. Keeping your team engaged, motivated and creative is no easy task. There are many factors to consider when planning a corporate event, from budgeting and logistics to ensure that everyone has a great time during the activity. 

Let your event be defined by a venue that’s as luxurious as it is understated. With a range of spaces to suit all requirements, The Third Day has everything you need to create an event space with character. 

If you’re struggling to develop an idea for a team-building activity that will keep your employees engaged, take a look at this list of our favorites.

Adventure Corporate Team Building

Can you remember the last time you did something out of the ordinary? Did you climb a mountain, bungee jump from a bridge, trek through the jungle? 

Corporate events are often boring and predictable. Don’t let your corporate event be on the same list as stale doughnuts and water-cooler gossip! A corporate event adventure is sure to thrill any crowd. Adventure is an excellent motivator and can encourage teamwork and boost employee morale. 

Sports-Related Team Building

These are a great source of team building and entertainment for any group, large or small. A sporting event can be an exciting way to entertain clients or an entertaining day out with colleagues. 

Sports-related corporate events have been shown to boost your employees’ morale, improve relationships between teams, increase cooperation within departments, and provide a sense of achievement following the event! 

When choosing a sport-themed corporate event, remember that it is important to choose an activity that all group members will enjoy.

Health And Wellness Corporate Event

In today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, you must show your employees that they are valued. Health and corporate wellness events are the best way to show them how much you care about their well-being.

Your company’s well-being is important! Healthy employees mean a healthier bottom line. A massage therapy kit is a great way to channel this message discreetly and affordably at any event or retreat.

If you want to reduce employee stress levels and improve morale, it’s time to start planning an event that will leave everyone feeling Zen-like!

Arts And Culture

Think about using art at your next corporate event to engage your employees. Consider an art show, painting with a twist class, attending a live theater performance, or even attending an opera!

Your company will benefit greatly by supporting the arts, especially when you bring employees together for an experience that delights the senses. Consider the event ideas above to engage with the community while also adding value to your employees’ well-being.

Adventure Team Building

A corporate event filled with adventure is the perfect way to create a lasting impression on your employees. An activity where they can get out of their comfort zone and try something new or learn new skills will be exciting for everyone involved. 

Some great adventurous activities that you could use as part of a corporate event are; skydiving, trapeze classes, aerial silks classes, white water rafting, sailing, or jet ski trips!


One way to show your employees that you appreciate them is through the power of fun and engaging corporate events. Whether it’s a team-building activity or celebration, these events will build employee morale, increase retention and productivity, and improve customer satisfaction and overall company culture!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.