SmartyTrade broker Benefits and Giveaways

So, what is SmartyTrade? It is a reliable broker that provides Options, Forex, and CFDs trading for new and advanced traders. Trading with SmartyTrade unlocks a wide range of helpful benefits for traders. From fast withdrawals to copy trading tools, SmartyTrade aims to give you everything you need to succeed.

Their exciting giveaways also allow you to win great prizes like an Apple iPhone, iPad, or MacBook. This article will explore the key benefits of trading with SmartyTrade and provide details on their exclusive giveaway.

Benefits of Trading with SmartyTrade

There are so many benefits to SmartyTrade forex trading. Here are the top 7 ways traders can benefit from this platform:

Guaranteed Withdrawal Process Within 1 hour

SmartyTrade broker prioritizes fast access to funds through industry-leading withdrawal processing times. No matter the withdrawal amount, users receive their money in as little as one hour. The streamlined withdrawal system, available 24/7, enables traders to secure profits swiftly.

Non-stop trading, even on weekends

Take advantage of opportunities at any time with SmartyTrade’s flexible trading hours. Beyond regular weekday hours, users can trade during weekends, providing access to liquidity when other brokers are closed. This allows traders to react to news events in real time.

Inbuilt Market Analysis tools

SmartyTrade’s trading platform possesses powerful technical analysis features. There are over 50 indicators, customizable charts, smart drawing tools, and integrated trading signals that enable in-depth market analysis. The platform has a simple UI that offers real-time market data.

Copy Trading

The innovative CopyTrader tool lets you automatically copy top-performing traders. This allows you to leverage the experience of proven experts and mirror their trading strategies. Take your trading to the next level with copy trading.

Reliable customer support

Get 24/7 assistance from the multilingual customer support team via live chat, email, or phone. This customer service also includes live video call support with real representatives. The dedicated support team offers prompt guidance to help resolve any issues.

Multiple earning opportunities

Besides profitable trading, SmartyTrade offers an attractive referral program where you can earn 20% extra income for every friend you refer. You can earn Up to 128% APY on your trading balance through TurboSavings.

SmartyTrade GIveaway

Beyond trading advantages, SmartyTrade broker also provide the chance to win awesome tech prizes through their giveaways. The current giveaway offers the opportunity to win an Apple Watch, iPhone 14 Pro, iPad Pro, or iMac 27”. Here are the prize details:


  • Apple Watch Series 8 – Deposit $500-$999 to enter the draw. This brand new smartwatch helps you monitor the markets from your wrist.
  • iPhone 14 Pro 256GB – Deposit over $5,000, and you’ll be entered to win the latest iPhone. Trade on the go with this top-tier smartphone.
  • iPad Pro – Deposit between $1000-$5000, and you’ll be eligible to win Apple’s iconic iPad Pro tablet. Trade anywhere with its powerful performance.
  • iMac 27” – Deposit over $5000 to be entered for the impressive iMac 27” desktop. Its large display provides an immersive trading experience.

How to Enter the Giveaway?

Entering the giveaway is simple:


  • Activate the giveaway promo offer in your account dashboard.
  • Make a qualifying deposit amount based on the prize you want to win.
  • Complete your deposit within the specified timeframe.
  • The winners will be selected by random prize draw on the specified date.


With its unparalleled benefits and giveaways, SmartyTrade empowers traders with the best opportunities for success. Ultra-fast withdrawals, innovative trading tools, 24/7 support, and access to exciting prizes give traders everything needed to maximize their potential. Begin benefiting today by opening an account with SmartyTrade.


When is the next giveaway?

SmartyTrade runs new giveaways regularly. Check the website and account dashboard for updated details on the next giveaway.

How many winners per giveaway?

The number of winners varies per giveaway. For the current giveaway, there will be 5 winners selected for each of the top prizes, including the Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad Pro, and iMac.

What is the minimum deposit to qualify for the giveaway?

To qualify for the current giveaway, you must make a minimum deposit of $500. The higher your deposit amount, the more prizes you can win. Check the giveaway terms for the deposit tiers linked to each prize.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.