Selecting the Perfect Customized Lanyard for Your Event

Lanyards are one of the most frequently used customized giveaways in various industries today. Their popularity can be attributed to the affordable production cost, the items’ effectiveness in spreading awareness. They make a fantastic canvas for your message because your target customers can easily integrate the item in their usual routine. For example, they can use your lanyards as straps for their mobile phones or other gadgets. But for making event sponsors and event managers recognized among hundreds of people, lanyards hooked with specified name cards help tremendously. Worried about getting a simple to a technically composed package of lanyards, badges, and cards that can support your event members? Look through the custom variety of lanyards and associated products provided by to sustain your individuality more professionally.

If you want to use promotional lanyards to market your business, you need to choose from a variety of colors, design and styles. Not sure how to find the perfect lanyard when you shop in stores like Custom Lanyards 4 All? Start by identifying the type of lanyard you need.

What are the different types of lanyards?

Lanyards are mainly classified according to the material used, namely nylon and polyester. Both types of fabric are made from synthetic fibers. They’re an ideal choice in making lanyards because of their versatility and long lifespan. When choosing between the two, you should consider the following:

  • Wearability – Compared to nylon, polyester is preferred by organizations and business who aim to use their lanyards on a daily basis. The fabric is super breathable. It maintains its shape even with regular use. 
  • Color and sheen – Nylon is best known for its brightly colored fibers. It’s the best material to use if you’re eyeing on creating lustrous and attractive custom printed lanyards.
  • Water-wicking feature – Looking for a lanyard you can use in an outdoor setting such as music fests and fun runs? Polyester is the best choice. Unlike nylon, polyester is not water absorbent. Hence, it dries quickly. It’s also the perfect material to use if you want to replicate your design via dye sublimation printing.  

Besides considering the factors above and the type of material, you also need to consider how you want to imprint your lanyards.

What printing method do you want to use?

You can transfer your design on nylon, tube or polyester lanyards in three ways namely, screen printing, dye sublimation and weaving. Picking which method to use depends entirely on your design. For example, if you want to feature a lot of colors and complicated graphics, use dye sublimation method. 

If you only want to use no more than two colors and your artwork doesn’t have a lot of details then you can opt for screen printing method. Alternatively, you pick weaving, a printing method which involves sewing your design on the fabric.

Other things to consider when shopping for promotional lanyards

Once you decide which material and printing method suits your needs, you can select the attachment to use and the add-on accessories. Some examples of lanyards attachments you can use includes bulldog clips, J-hooks and keyrings. 

The attachment you use determine the functionality of the lanyard. For example, if you equip it with keyrings, your customers to use it to hold their keys and other small valuables. J-hooks and swivel clips, on one hand, are suited to hold ID badges.

You also have the option to add safety features like quick-release buckles and safety breakaway clips. These features are useful if your target customers are old people and kids. 

There’s definitely a product that will meet your criteria

It can be intimidating to pick a single type of lanyard for your event. Using the pointers provided above, narrow down your available selection. Choose a product that satisfies your criteria. In case of a tie, use the production costs to help you select the contender. Once you select the lanyard, your next tasks are to come up with an amazing design and plan where and when to distrbute the customized items. 

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