Scale Your Workplace for the Future

The workplace is changing. Adapting to new ways of collaborating, staff and businesses are looking for new technologies that allow them to create much more productive and modern ways of working with each other. Tools such as cloud video conferencing and other similar solutions have become a more popular route for many companies, but as technology develops, so do our demands.

Meetings in the workplace now have to be more interactive and more efficient than ever before, because the way we meet is changing and no longer happens in one place. With this in mind, it’s probably time you started thinking about how to scale your business to allow for better growth and collaboration between teams.

Create Collaborative Workspaces

Scaling your workplace might include anything from growing your teams, to investing in new products. Consider how you might enhance your current staff’s abilities; perhaps it’s through improving meeting experiences and allowing people to interact and engage in a much better environment?

In the US alone, 68% of US companies have seen an increase in video calls over a 2-year period. However, around 96% of companies from the US, Germany and Australia expressed challenges in managing their video conferencing solutions. It appears that end products have to be better suited to those using them, with users looking to overcome those challenges.

Having a modern and intelligent work-space can create a smarter way of working, and is an important part of scaling your business to the next step. Reflect on what kind of company you want to be, and if improving your current meeting rooms has anything to do with getting there. By investing in new technology, you can develop smarter teams that can take advantage of dynamic ways to communicate. If this increases productivity and ultimately, your bottom line, then it’s a sure way to scale your business.

Creating collaborative work-spaces can result in an environment that staff thrive off, but how do you achieve that?

Specialized, Activity-Based Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms within your office that are designed to help staff work more effectively can mean one of many things, but it’s guaranteed that your teams will begin to communicate better and engage with each other more productively.

The modern workforce means that employees, clients and partners are rarely in the same place; but if you could create the right balance of work-spaces for people to choose where they want to work, it can create new opportunities for collaborating. Whether you work in an office block, retail space or operation center, there’s a solution to suit your requirements; from huddle rooms for team meetings to large video meeting rooms to interact with those in a remote location.

The technology that’s now available in the business world means you can create integrated environments where communication is controlled and automated. While video conferencing was adopted by many businesses hoping to improve how teams work together, technology has advanced further to create smart rooms that go so much further than seeing colleagues via video.

Digital whiteboards, interactive displays and presentation systems can all enhance how staff, clients, external parties and anyone else, work together. Presenting the opportunity for bespoke communication solutions to suit your business, as well as providing the right tools to carry out training or even lecturing to large teams at a time.

Define your work-space and ensure staff feel more connected to their colleagues through collaborative tools and meeting rooms with communication at the very core.


Ruby Daub

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