Replacement Lenses: Affordable, Quick, and Customizable

Did you know that if you love your frames, you can keep your frames? With replacement lenses becoming increasingly popular and more accessible, replacing your glasses can be easy and quick. Nearly 150 million adults wear prescription eyewear in the US, with each glasses purchase being valued at about $173, consumers plan to spend large sums of money on these necessary accessories.  Replacement lenses allow for that cost to be greatly reduced, as they can be added to existing frames to solve cosmetic and functional blemishes like scratches or breaks.

Replacement lenses also allow for a wide variety of options for the wearer, from coatings, to materials, to tints, to uses. The most common materials for lenses are plastic, polycarbonate, and glass, and the most common coatings are scratch resistance, UV-protection, anti-reflection, blue-blocking, and anti-fog. Tinted lenses are another choice a user can make for their own personal eyesight needs. Yellow, brown, gray, blue, and pink lenses are the most common tint colors, each with their own benefits and specific uses. Finally, sunglasses can even be refurbished with replacement lenses, as users can choose from prescription or non-prescription, and polarized lenses, transitions, or photochromatic lenses.

When users send in their glasses to be replaced, the turnaround time is much more favorable than buying an entirely new pair, and with all of the other customizable features, replacement lenses are the future of living with glasses.

The World of Replacement Lenses
Source: LensFactory
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.