Receive Bonus Miles by Opting for the Right Credit Card


The pursuit of a lucrative bonus can push a user to sign up for a credit card. But it is crucial to evaluate the types of cards to not fall into any mess later on. If you are angling to save money on interest, you have to choose the type of credit card carefully. To avoid your credit card application to go into the pending category, one needs to check their spending habits and opt for a credit card in line with it.

Branded Credit Cards

Many merchants partner with card issuers to develop credit cards that offer rewards to the users. One of the examples of such branded credit cards is the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature card. Such cards give the users additional cash backs and discounts for the payments made at their specific host sites. Comparing several credit cards from different providers will provide you with clarity about the suitable one for your spending habits. You can read the southwest credit card review before making the final decision.

Charge Cards

Charge cards function a lot like the typical credit cards, except for a particular twist. The standard credit cards work so that the user has to pay a minimum amount, and the rest you can carry forward to the next month. However, charge cards need the user to pay the balance off every month. If you fail to pay the balance, then you are most likely to incur a fee.

Another aspect of a charge card is the credit limit. Standard credit cards have a set spending limit. However, most charge cards do not possess a pre-set spending limit. A few retail charge cards do have a set limit. With no credit limit, a user can opt for this type of credit card, thinking about the endless benefits. On the other hand, no limit also possesses a limit in reality. The bank can curtail your credit based on your card’s regular usage, coupled with the payment history.

Although charge cards are not as commonplace as typical credit cards, yet many financial institutions offer them. They are beneficial to people who prefer not to have any long-term debt. Charge cards also come with reward programs. The reward points can range from one to five times the purchase amount. However, these types of cards come with a high annual fee.

Subprime Credit Cards

Subprime credit cards are a perfect suit for people with poor credit scores. The downside of these types of cards is that they mostly come with high-interest rates and exorbitant fees. Subprime credit cards keep the fees and interest rates in line with the standard rates. If you are a borrower with poor credit, you can rebuild the score to qualify for lower interest rates.

The proper usage of credit cards can help the user save a lot of money in the long run. The appropriate utilization of credit cards and limiting your spending habit is crucial and plays a significant role in avoiding debt.

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