Reasons why Altcoins like DasCoin are Becoming More Popular than Bitcoin

Altcoins like DasCoin are Rising in Popularity

One of the most important cryptocurrency news in 2017 was the rise of Bitcoin value in its all time high. But at the start of 2018 the value dropped hard, and over the next months, Bitcoin lost around 30 billion market value. Since then, people have been looking at other coins or altcoins like DasCoin, Ethereum and others as possible alternatives.

Due to the fact that Bitcoin’s market value still hasn’t risen to its peak, people are starting to look for alternative coins to buy and invest in. Aside from that, some are starting to sell their Bitcoin in exchange for altcoins because they already want to cut their losses and look for a better solution. Most people, after all, buy cryptocurrency as a form of investment for the future and a hand in the door of progress.

Altcoins like DasCoin Gaining More Popularity than Bitcoin

The decline of Bitcoin’s market value has shifted the faith of some cryptocurrency believers. Being the spearhead and face of cryptocurrency, a lot of pressure is put into Bitcoin. Here are some of the reasons why an altcoin like DasCoin is gaining more popularity:

  1. Some altcoins are using better blockchain technology.

Bitcoin, as considered the top dog of cryptocurrency, has inspired the creation of a lot of other alternative coins that have more advanced, updated and developed blockchain module. Because of this, people are starting to put more trust and faith in the underdogs with the hopes that one of them would someday reach Bitcoin status or prominence.

  1. More than coins and currencies.

Some altcoins are not just currencies but also tokens of support for companies and their projects. When you invest in some alternative coins, not only do you have access to its blockchain functions but you also gain incentive for every purchase.

  1. Potential to be better than Bitcoin in the future.

People know that technology is fast-moving and ever-changing. Companies, products and services need to constantly evolve to compete with the times or else they degrade or they get outrun by competition. Like how some products start slow but eventually take over a giant company, crypto enthusiasts are confident that it will happen for altcoins in the long run.

  1. Follow the blockchain team.

Most traders, cryptocurrency enthusiasts and blockchain professionals know that every altcoin has the potential to be greater than Bitcoin with the proper funding, support, vision, blockchain module and development team. They are more interested about the future problems of professionals and experts in the blockchain arena so they are looking forward to new coins and tokens that could result from those persons.

Read the White Papers

Although it’s true that a lot of people are now starting to consider the possibility of investing and storing alternative coins, but that only means that you have over hundreds of altcoins to choose from. One of the best things to do would be to read the white papers of the different altcoins like DasCoin and see which cryptocurrency or coin is suited for your own personal preferences, goals and targets.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.