Top Reasons Why Businesses Should Choose Dedicated Server Hosting

If your business website is experiencing high load times, server overload issues or receiving error messages constantly, then dedicated server hosting is a perfect solution to overcome such issues. You will have 3 options to choose when it comes to availing server hosting services, such as dedicated, shared and in-house. Even though all options of server hosting are beneficial for your business, choosing dedicated server hosting will offer you with excellent flexibility and great benefits. This hosting server option is a perfect choice for businesses of all sizes to save money, have better control over the resources and enjoy excellent power.

Benefits Offered By Dedicated Server Hosting

Based on the general business requirements and specific needs, the following are the best reasons that convey why you must select a dedicated server hosting to reap profits.

1.) Full Control Over The Resources

The major benefit of choosing the business plans available for dedicated server hosting is that your business will have full control over the resources. If you choose a shared hosting plan, you will have to share the server with third parties. However, when you select dedicated hosting, you need not have any concerns about sharing your resources or face issues in sharing the disk space, CPU or RAM. Also, you will not face any problems like slow bandwidth that is common in shared hosting where you will share the server space with third parties.

2.) Unique IP Address

When you are opting for dedicated server hosting, you will be receiving a distinct IP address, which is not available in shared hosting plans. Having your IP address will help your business site gain best rankings on the search engine results. If any of the businesses in the server are performing some illegal activities, such as spamming or phishing, there are possibilities of them getting red-listed or banned by popular search engines. During such instances, it can have a negative impact on your search engine rankings, as you will be sharing the same IP address.

3.) No Maintenance

If you are thinking of selecting the in-house server management plan, then it means you will have to spend more on the maintenance expenses. You have to allocate a separate budget for maintenance, as there are high chances of server malfunctions occurring now and then. However, when you choose dedicated server hosting, on the other hand, the maintenance expenses are borne by the hosting provider. You can enjoy guaranteed uptime even if there is a critical issue, as the 3rd party server managing service will expertly handle all the issues.

4.) Top Security

With the help of a dedicated server hosting plan, your business data and website will be very secure and immunized against hacking attempts and other attacks when compared to the shared hosting. As you have a separate server allotted to you, the security will be tighter, and your confidential data will have encrypted support. If you have a business that has payment processing activities then dedicated hosting will keep the customer data safe.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.