Read All About It: Action Refund Reviews

Action Refund is a company based in Israel, with a mission of retrieving back funds that are lost due to online scams. Since we switched our lives to the online world, we allowed access to personal information to many people. Now, anyone can see who we are, where we are, how do we look, and even get our banking details. 

The main focus of this company is people that lost their funds in financial scams. Usually, those are investors in the Forex market or CFDs that lost their money with a scam broker. 

Why do you need Action Refund? Read our step-by-step Action Refund reviews and find out.

Who has the right to go to Action Refund?

If you were a victim of an online scam, and someone took your hard-earned money, this is the moment to contact Action Refund. Most of their clients experienced scams while trading online on the Forex market or with CFDs. 

How does it happen?

You apply for online trading based on some advert, and get a call from someone claiming he is there to assist you with the process. But this assistance might not be what you think it is. The only interest of these scammers is how much money you have in your bank account and how much you can loan. 

After they collect this information, they start to slowly extract everything to “your trading account.” At first, it looks alright, you seem to be making some profit, and you are happy. But not so long after, you find yourself with imaginary money on the screen as you’ll be unable to withdraw it to your bank.

After their so-called assistance, this is the time when you need Action Refund.

Why do you need Action Refund?

Even after someone is scammed, they still hesitate. People tend to trust their banks or their own abilities to fight with a scam company. And yet, only a small number of people are actually lucky to get help from their bank. Even fewer people get money back from a scam broker. Why?

The reason is simple. Because, usually, the client is authorizing the transaction with a scam broker via SMS code, email, or any other way. The moment you authorize it, your bank says that you gave your permission, and they cannot assist with this matter. This is not true since many things can be done. But, after all, your banker gets paid a fixed salary from the bank and is not interested in working too much.

When you go to Action Refund, the first thing you get is the impression that you are talking to someone who does understand and who can help. Since Action Refund is hiring employees based on previous experience, they check the background of every employee, allowing them to find people that have many connections in finance abroad. This is crucial when it comes to online scams because the funds you pay to scam brokers usually change several countries before landing at the final destination. This is why the expertise and connections of Action Refund employees are priceless for successfully resolving this kind of dispute. 

Action Refund – Skills to resolve your dispute

  1. Knowing the legal procedure – usually, even scam brokers are not aware of their actions. If they are registered offshore, they believe they are untouchable. This is why you need a good international lawyer with experience in financial fraud. 

Action Refund will provide it for you. Even if the company is offshore, they are still far from being safe. There are still laws this broker needs to abide by, and if they don’t, there are consequences.

  1. Technical Knowledge – not every scam is the same. Since binary options, financial scams have developed many different shapes. In order to successfully resolve your dispute, you need to know exactly what kind of scheme you are involved in and how to go out of it. 

Because of that, Action Refund hires employees with a finance background that saw and know many things. This knowledge is what you need to get your funds back.

  1. Speeding up the process – Scams that involve money are time-sensitive. As you know, a credit card company gives you limited time to request a chargeback. Your bank gives you limited time to file a dispute. Everything in this matter is time-limited. This is why you need to act and think fast. 

However, when you find yourself in a situation like this, it’s hard to think clearly. And that is why you need an expert. Someone that is looking at the situation from the side, objectively evaluating, and taking steps fast. Action Refund has enough experience to know how to sort priorities and do urgent things in a matter of minutes.

What happens when you go to Action Refund?

If you were a victim of an online scam, and you decided to get help, Action Refund has a standard procedure. This procedure has proven as the best, the fastest, and the most successful.

Step 1 – Consultation

If you were like many people out there scammed by some brokerage that told you they will help you secure your future, or live in a luxury house, or drive a Porsche, Action Refund can help you out. 

The first step with this company is a FREE consultation. And we will stress again, free. Why is it important? If you were a victim of a financial scam, you cannot pay more money without knowing you are in a good place, right? So good first step for Action Refund!

What does this consultation look like? You will speak with one of the Action Refund employees, who is an expert in financial market frauds. They will tell you exactly what you need to begin your case. Also, they will offer to represent you with your bank or fraud company, if necessary.

Step 2 – Information

After you spoke with your consultant from Action Refund, you can start providing him with the necessary information. Every piece of evidence that you might have, such as a bank statement or email from the fraud company, can be valuable. You will be able to prove that the fraud really happened and that you were the victim. 

Now, you can start building your case. Every call or every small thing that you remember is one step closer to successfully resolving your case! We advise you not to hide any information, since according to our Action Refund reviews, these people really know their job!

Step 3 – Refund

After all the information is provided, Action Refund consultants can start doing their job so you will be able to get your funds back. But don’t worry, the support will guide you throughout the process, so you will be updated about each and every step. They will consult with you for any action, and you will never feel left out or forgotten. 

We noticed that consultants at Action Refund really do inform their clients of everything, and they do understand that people that come to them had enough of hiding information and being kept in the dark. Therefore, we can say that this company gives you a very transparent service. 

Along with this, they have a couple of international phone numbers, where you can reach them, along with the email available for their clients 24/7. After your case is successfully resolved, and you get your refund, you will be contacted immediately. So far, in our Action Refunds reviews, we can say well done for their support service!

Step 4 – Protection

The company is taking care of its clients till the very end. They are going above and beyond to provide you with good service and to guarantee that they will do everything and anything to get your funds back. 

Employees at Action Refund take care of you, listen to you, and give their best to give you a unique solution for your problem. This is why they have a very high rating when it comes to this specific industry, which is what makes them stand out!

Action Refund reputation

We decided to check with former clients of the company how their experience was. We read many other Action Refund reviews. We contacted their support on our own. Based on all this, we can say that Action Refund is a 5-star award winner! Everything they stated on their website seems to be the truth. 

The company is fully GDPR compliant, their former clients have only the best words for the company and its employees, and our experience was very pleasant as well. We asked their support staff many questions that every person in the need of such service wants to ask, and we got transparent answers to everything. We find this to be the key for any client that went through hell with a scam broker. 

Conclusion about Action Refund

Unfortunately, with the expansion of the online world, we got an expansion of online scams. To protect yourself, you need to watch every step. Where are you applying, which companies you are dealing with, and to who are you giving your personal information. Special care needs to be taken when it comes to providing your banking details. Not everyone is honest, and not everyone wants to help. Some people might use you for their own purpose. 

Yet, things can happen. If you get involved with such people and someone steals your money, Action Refund is the right place. In our Action Refund reviews, we concluded that the company is transparent, trustworthy, safe, and professional. Employees of the company will listen to everyone and give their best to help. What matters is that these professionals have behind them proven results–over 1000 satisfied clients. If you need this kind of assistance, Action Refund is a place for you!

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.