Planning a Corporate Event: A Few Tips for Success

When you are put in charge of managing an event for the office, it is an opportunity to impress everyone, including the ones that matter the most. However, to successfully do that, the event must go well first and here are a few key points that should prove to be vital for that to happen.

What is the Objective of the Event?

Depending on whether it’s a fundraiser, a big announcement or just a semi-casual office party, everything from the venue to the theme of the event will vary greatly, so always arrange a corporate event in line with its objective.

Mark the VIPs

The list of people who will be invited to a corporate event is more than just a list, and you need to pay close attention to the names on that list. Figure out who are the most important people that will be coming, because they will expect a special welcome and you should arrange for that in advance.

Take Care of the Basic Amenities

Depending on what kind of party it is, the needs of the event may also include an unlimited supply of beer! However, each and every event needs the basic facilities catered to first, such as a constant supply of drinking water and multiple restrooms. This becomes a particular area where you need to pay attention to when you are hosting an event outdoors. Visit to get a clear idea of how to estimate the number of portable restrooms you will need for your event, depending on the number of people who are most likely to attend. Beware of the fact that even if the venue has a few toilets of its own, they may not be enough if the guest list is long.

What About the Venue?

As discussed earlier, the venue will depend largely on the kind of event it is, and without knowing the exact details, it would be impossible to suggest venues without being generic. Nonetheless, keep the following points in mind while choosing and booking the place for your corporate event.

  • Match the theme of the venue with the theme of the event as closely as possible
  • Take another look at the guest list and arrange for a place that’s neither too big or too small in proportion to the number of people invited
  • Outdoor venues are best for big events with lots of invitees
  • Keep the weather and the forecast in mind, because outdoor settings would be unsuitable in extreme weather conditions
  • Choose a place that is easy to commute to

Send Out the Invitations Early

Make sure that everyone is invited well in advance, which is usually a window between 2 – 4 weeks, depending on where the event will be held and how far the guests will have to travel in order to be there.

As a pro tip, remember that it is important for your guests to enjoy themselves at the party, particularly the important clients, potential clients and the higher-ups. Sometimes, a bit of research into what appeals to them the most goes a long way towards creating a successful and fruitful corporate event.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.