Plan Your Business Backup Strategy Like a Pro

Any online business these days needs to have a file backup strategy they can implement and rely on. Power outages, cyber attacks, and other issues can crop up at any time, compromising valuable data as well as the security of your clients.

Let’s break down some of the ways you can plan for a great business backup strategy like a professional.

Plan to Have a Few Days’ Worth of File Backups on Local Storage

The first big thing you should focus on is locally backing up most of your important files. Specifically, try to have several previous versions of important files backed up for at least the last few days. That way, in the event of a crash or an attack, your employees and clients can access recent data or file versions without having to do a lot of work over again.

Recent file backups can often be held on local storage hard drives or other solutions. But you can also place file backups on the solutions mentioned below for even more robust security.

Keep Important Files Stored Offsite Through Remote File Server Access

The fact of the matter is that local file storage solutions will always be vulnerable to physical damage or theft. But you can leverage remote file servers to store all of your most critical files away from your primary computing network or business, making it much more difficult for any bad actor to gain access to your enterprise’s crucial information.

Remote file server access provides a number of additional benefits, such as increased security. Furthermore, advancements in cloud technology allow your employees to access important files anywhere or on the go, meaning you can leverage remote working to a greater degree than ever before.

All of this is possible without a VPN, particularly through secure remote file servers like those offered by Gladinet.

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Leverage the Cloud as Much as You can

Speaking of the cloud, you should be using cloud technologies and software as a service or SaaS solutions as much as possible, especially since this industry is growing more than ever before.

The cloud allows your enterprise to be spread out far and wide and even eschew a primary office in favor of the flexibility and accessibility of a new digital empire.

The cloud allows you and your clients to access important files from anywhere in the world with top-tier security. Cloud servers get regular patches and can be updated to cover any newly discovered flaws more rapidly than physical servers any day.

Use cloud servers and storage solutions to backup your files regularly, as well as to provide recent file versions in case they are lost in a power outage or an attack.

Test Your Backup Strategy In-Depth

Whatever business backup solutions you choose to employ, be sure that you test your broader backup strategy multiple times before implementing it. You need to make sure that your backup strategy can be rolled out whenever it’s necessary for the good of your clients and employees.

If your backup strategy needs work, try shifting your important files to other solutions or remote file servers and try again. Having a robust backup procedure in place is key for the digital health for your company.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.