Perks That Will Help Drive Up Employee Retention

Employee retention numbers are not great due to the Great Resignation that saw a number of people leave their jobs in large masses. The return to the office for some was something they were not willing to do. The number of remote opportunities available led people to find roles that were permanently remote. Retaining top employees will always be of paramount importance and the right perks can do just that. Understanding what top employees value is going to be important as an incentive package can be put together to keep these employees. Below will outline some perks that will help drive up employee retention at your business. 

Make The Office A Place Employees Enjoy

The office can be a great place to bond with employees. Providing lunch is a small perk that can encourage employees to eat together and build a bond. A building gym can be a great perk as some people like to exercise immediately before or after work. Looking into something like pickleball court construction could be wise. There are even clients that might enjoy a game with an employee after an important meeting. Building rapport is important among employees and clients alike. Flexible working hours can also be something that is very appreciated especially for those that have children. School and extracurricular activities don’t follow the traditional 9 to 5 format. 

Remote Jobs

Remote jobs were considered the new normal with some vowing never to return to a traditional office environment. The flexibility to work anywhere in the world is something that people enjoyed. The elimination of the need to get ready for work and commute in traffic gave people extra time. Offering remote roles to employees that perform consistently at high levels is wise. Most people will not look for another job when they have a remote role they enjoy that pays them well. 

Opportunities To Earn Additional Income

Earning additional income from your current job is something that so many people desire. This could come in the form of extra hours or paid projects to do outside of working hours. A marketing company might have writing assignments that can be taken by employees for extra income rather than freelancers. Opportunities should be available for those performing at high levels. You don’t want employees that are already struggling with their jobs to take on more work. 

Incredible Benefit Packages

Benefits mean a lot to people that have a family as insurance costs can be astronomical. Benefits can be seen in a far more important light than an initial salary offer. Paid time off is something that people value immensely as so many people aim to achieve a great work-life balance. There are a number of companies that have their benefits available on the website. Employees are not afraid to sing the praises of a company that truly takes care of them via benefits. 

Employee retention is important as training new employees can cost thousands of dollars. The last thing a company wants is to have departments that have constant turnover.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.