PDF to Word Conversion: Features That You Need In a PDF Converter

When you browse for an online PDF converter on Google, it gives you so many choices that it will make it inevitably hard for you to choose which of them offers the best services like converting files most quickly. You wouldn’t know if you won’t try, correct? But this would only waste your precious time very much. Fortunately, there’s the best, quickest, and most convenient PDF online converter which in a matter of seconds can let you convert PDF to Word documents, the PDFBear.

PDFBear is an instrument for converting PDF to Word files. This turns your life into a simple and easier one. It is a fact that daily tasks are usually time-consuming and labor-intensive. One of these is the copy and paste thing. It could be an easy task since there is not much editing needed, but it still takes a lot of time. If you’re a time freak, you can have PDFBear with you.

PDF to Word in 2 Minutes or Less

Some free PDF to Word conversions can be found on the Internet. However, you need an excellent site, like PDFBear, that offers uniformity and productivity. PDFBear’s PDF to Word converter allows you to turn files into Word documents in just two minutes, hence why it’s ideal to convert PDF files to Word documents whenever you want. The most convenient and surest way to convert your files is by using this PDF to Word converter. It also has an OCR or Optical Character Recognition program used to identify Optical Characters. It transforms the text into readable data until the text is recognized.

Step 1

The first thing you must do is click on the PDF to Word Converter tool when you are on PDFBear’s company website. You will then be transferred immediately to a new page for uploading your documents. You can do it with these two easy ways: Tap “Select Files” and choose the Word file to be converted to a PDF file, or to drag and drop files in the converter box.

Step 2

Once you’ve anteriorly uploaded PDF documents you wish to turn into Word files, PDFBear’s converter will automatically start extracting the text or scanned pages on your PDF files. Don’t worry as this won’t take since PDFBear is one of the quickest tools for converting your files.

Step 3

What you have to do in the third step is till the conversion process is finalized. PDFBear would normally take only several seconds to convert PDF to Word files with high standards. PDFBear has a joint venture with Solid Documents which gives assurance that the best conversions of files will be made. Their tools are also endorsed and provided by Solid-Framework, which makes their innovation much higher than other sites on the Market.

Step 4

The very last thing you must do to make sure that your Word documents are downloaded and saved in your storage systems or your cloud services such as Dropbox or Google Drive. You can also share it by sending the shared link to your colleagues, family, or friends through emails or social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter.

Security and Storage of Files

Following the Privacy Policy of the PDFBear website, the homepage will only preserve the files in an hour. The website will automatically remove the file from the server after 60 minutes of the timeframe and will not retain any copies. It is also one of PDFBear’s great attributes for its customers. They also prioritize protecting your files against anyone trying to steal it.

It is not all, but PDFBear is perfect for everybody that is always on-the-go. Whenever you need it, you can open the website and simply convert your PDF files. PDFBear also provides cloud assistance for saving your converted PDF files for future references. The Cloud system allows you to access these files offline if you want some. Make it smoother for yourself, and do not be anxious anymore about those troublesome PDF converters.

Pre-Equipped Settings

Take into account the online PDF to Word conversion of PDFBear as a “plug and play” for converting PDF to Word files. In using this online PDF to Word converter, you will not need to pre-set the settings beforehand. The system already includes several pre-equipped settings to successfully convert PDF to Word.

PDFBear aims to perfectly turn PDF formats into Word files as easily as possible. It does not, even so, ask for information on how to adequately convert your PDF to Word. It instantaneously and in the absolute best quality transforms your PDF to Word documents. This simple online PDF to Word conversion tool is free and available for everybody. PDFBear enables anyone to connect and use this online PDF to Word Converter and quickly turn PDF to Word.

Direct Conversion Process

When converting to the Word file, PDFBear maintains and retains the credibility of every PDF. You can make sure nothing else is altered except the format. This fact does not compromise, modify or change any data, values, or format of an original file when conversion takes place. Then let the job be handled by this PDF to Word converter. It should not be a painstaking process to convert from PDF to Word and it will be not when you turn your PDF into Word with PDFBear.

Other Uses

In addition to conversions, PDFBear can be used as a PDF editor. You can use several tools in the editing of PDF files, like extracting text to a different file, merge several PDF files, and even organizing new PDF pages. In PDFBear, the sky’s the limit and it should not be missed.

In a Nutshell

PDFBear made it much easier to transform your PDF to Word files. A Word file has been converted from a PDF file with a few quick clicks. Generally, it can be concluded that PDFBear is a one-stop-shop for any conversion requirements of various files. They’ve got everything for you, whatever format you need. It is not only secure to use and easy to access, and your files can also be converted rapidly.

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