Parent-Child Activities You Can Enjoy This Weekend

If you want to have a closer relationship with your child, it is vital that you spend time with them. Because many parents have to work full-time to financially support the family, there may not be enough time for bonding.

You do not want your child to grow up a stranger to you so here are some activities for you to try out this weekend.

Try Out Their Video Games

You probably would prefer that your child get off the couch and go outside. However, instead of forcing them to participate in outdoor activities, why not stay in and play video games.

By showing interest in their hobbies, you tell your child that you respect them. Moreover, by playing together, you can monitor the kind of video games they have and the people they encounter through it.

Take it further by teaming up with your child to build your own gaming computer. This will give you an opportunity to not only spend time and talk with your child, but you also learn about technology.Who knows, just like former NFL player and actor Terry Crews, you might find video games enjoyable, too.

Go Camping

Camping is a classic parent-child activity. For one, it forces you both to disconnect from the internet and go outside.

There are many benefits to camping. It instills a love for the environment to your child, especially if it is an activity that is introduced early in their young lives. It also teaches them to be more self-reliant.

Instead of doing everything by yourself, make setting up camp a bonding activity. Ask them to assemble the tents, let them try making a bonfire, and push them to make their own food. Encourage them to come up with enjoyable activities throughout the weekend.

They may not understand the charm of camping at first, but give them some time to explore and commune with nature and they will eventually have fun.

Hit the Road

Spending hours inside the car will give you and your child an opportunity to talk – just leave the internet at home. It may sound tiring to drive to a faraway destination instead of, say, taking a plane. However, it can be fun. A road trip is an adventure in itself. You can take the backroads to visit towns you have been seen before. Although it will make the journey longer, the travel will be a special and memorable experience.

Try to stop by every “World’s Biggest/Smallest” along the way and pack music that you and your child will enjoy. You could try and hit the road by party bus from Amarillo as well.

Go to Concerts, Sporting Events

Another classic parent-child activity is attending events. If your child is into music, do not be hesitant to take them to see their favorite artist perform live. If your child is into sports, surprise with tickets to support their favorite teams. Aside from fun, this is an opportunity for you to set a good example and teach your child how to react in public spaces.

If you want to form a special and strong bond with your children, you need to put in a lot of time and effort; and don’t forget about men’s support groups. They can be a powerful way to learn how to bond better. Do not be afraid to try out their hobbies and invited them to participate in yours. Most of all, strive to make it a fun and memorable experience for both of you.

Dorian Koci

Dr. Dorian Koçi is a historian, Director of National Historical Museum of Albania and lecturer in Tirana State University, Faculty of History and Philology and New York University of Tirana.