Pack, Crate and Store Cargo Before You Ever Ship

You may already know that an expert logistics provider can assist with shipping your critical cargo from one location to the next, smoothing out any bumps along the road and ensuring your equipment arrives on time.

But did you know a provider like this can also support with packing, crating, storing and warehousing your equipment before it ever ships?

Services like these can be crucial when unexpected changes arise, cargo is ready to go way ahead of schedule or arrives to a destination before other equipment or team members arrive.

Benefits: Using a 3PL for Packing, Crating and Storage Needs

There are many reasons to outsource the packing, crating and storage of your precious cargo to an expert third-party logistics provider (3PL).

Here are a few benefits you should consider:

  • International Coverage: Logistics providers have a wide international network of partners and are used to handling packing, crating and storage for their customers in all parts of the world. They can ensure all proper duties, customs and documentation for all cargo is up-to-date and covered, no matter where cargo is being stored. This international coverage can also ensure your business is quickly and easily able to expand into new markets without having to spend valuable time and resources searching for local and reliable warehouses or staff.
  • Scalability: Grow into new locations around the globe, and new markets, with less hassle and stress by utilizing the 3PL’s ability to scale space, labor and transportation.
  • Options for Customization: By their very design, 3PLs are able to be flexible and customize service offerings for customers. They’ll work closely with you to ensure you receive the packaging sizes and types you need, as well as the warehouse features or staff you require for your unique cargo, drawing from their extensive network to create a plan that works for your business.
  • Less Stress: Your time won’t be focused on researching and seeking out companies that can help you with packing, storing or warehousing needs in destinations all over the country or world. That equates to less headaches for you and your team, as well as more time to focus on your business’s operations and main objectives.
  • One Partner for a Better Experience: If you’re already working with a trusted logistics provider for your freight-forwarding, compliance, ATA carnets or other logistical needs, going to that same partner to support your business with packing, crating, storage and warehouse services will help create an easy, seamless experience – with one partner to handle it all.

Rock-it Global as a Partner for Packing, Crating, Warehousing and Storage

Rock-it Global isn’t just proud of the shipping and logistics work we do for our partners. We also take pride in packing, crating, warehousing, storing and caring for your cargo from start to finish.

Our crating experts will collaborate with you to create custom solutions that meet your business’s unique cargo needs. All cargo will be well-protected, packed securely and kept safe – whether it’s sound equipment for a concert or ancient artifacts for a traveling museum show. Once this cargo is ready to ship, we’ll ensure it arrives on time and fully intact.

We also know that sometimes, you are ready to ship cargo immediately, and other times, you need us to hold on to it for a while. That is why Rock-it Global has expert warehousing and flexible storage services available. These storage and distribution solutions are available on nearly every continent around the world, allowing you to store your cargo whenever and wherever needed.

Our end-to-end services mean, when you need to take the show off the road and press pause on moving your cargo, we’ll be there. And when you’re ready to get your cargo moving again…we’ll be there, too.

Rock-it Global is an international network of logistics specialists helping leaders across many different industries and specializing in large-scale events. We take pride in helping you bring your creative vision to life through meaningful events and memories that last.

Griffin Kilmeade