Opening a new business? Here are a few ways to increase your security

For a brand-new business or an old one that is newly renovated, a security system is no longer an option. The growing threat of identity theft has made it harder to function without having security devices. However, door locks and antivirus software are not enough to protect the entire business. There are numerous ways to increase the efficiency of security features.

Install Cameras

Any room or section of a building can be fitted with a camera system. When cameras are present, people are less likely to engage in suspicious activities. At the same time, people’s privacy should be respected, so placing cameras anywhere or everywhere is not recommended. A well-tuned system can be useful at both deterring thefts, dealing with the aftermath of a burglary, or even prevent fires. There is no real reason for not having a security system for your business.

Install Activated Doors

There are regular doors that anyone can open manually. The problem is that anyone can open the door and walk into a room undetected. For a higher level of security, there are doors that must be activated before being opened, such as by the sound of a voice or the keypad entry of a password. The password is usually given only to the most trusted staff members.

Invest in Biometrics

The highest and most controversial level of security involves biometrics. This technology makes use of an individual’s unique physical and biological traits to grant security access to a building. Every person has unique personal traits, such as retinas or fingerprints, that no one else has. Biometrics involves granting clearance only to people who possess these traits, so very few people will be able to move past the front door. It’s the most effective yet invasive form of building security that exists so far.

Use Security Alert Systems

In the past, security alert systems involved the use of traditional communication systems. When a security breach was found in one part of the building, a widespread alert was sent out via intercom or a phone call was made to the security office. Nowadays, people have cell phones and tablets where they receive instant alerts.

With so much technology out there, it’s become easier to keep businesses safe. In fact, governments and insurance companies are rewarding their clients for being safe. Law enforcement tends to put just as much blame on businesses as the criminals when a theft or burglary occurs. Many business owners are blamed for not being safe enough or taking the right precautions. So, the second task after opening a new business is to increase the work site security.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.