Online Community Research Software: Four Reasons Why It Works

Online research software that targets local communities has become a true miracle-worker when it comes to research and learning more about your target market. Let’s face it, you have to know your target market before you begin marketing and promoting your business, and this software makes doing that a lot easier and more accurate. It is a modern, convenient way to get to know your potential customers a lot better.

Online community research software is user-friendly and can be used by anyone with basic computer skills, but don’t let this convince you it doesn’t contain much information. In fact, this type of software has tons of perks and various ways to “test” potential customers to discover what they’re really thinking and what they want. To make it even better, the software is less expensive than you might think. If you need some specific reasons to use this type of software, keep reading.

1. You Can Engage Multiple Segments

A segment is a part of a demographic; for example a group of people 20 to 25 years old or 30 to 35 years old is a segment, and it’s different from a focus group, which isn’t always the best way to test market a part of the population. When you test multiple segments at once, you get diverse opinions and ideas and much more effective data. You may test 100 people, but that one study could give you the data you need on four to five different segments, and this information is truly valuable.

2. You Can Target Millennials

A lot of companies want to target millennials, who are now in their mid-20s and -30s. This is a great market to tap into for lots of different products and services, and test marketing that involves millennials is easy because they are good with technology and tend to respond quickly. If your product or service is something you think millennials will want, this online community research software is the perfect place to start. Researching millennials has never been easier!

3. Thanks to Technology, it Is Very Simple

Technology has made everyone’s life a lot easier, and this software is no exception. Thanks to technology, participants can answer your questions via tablet, mobile phone, and computer. The under-40 crowd is on the go and very active, and they love replying to research questions via technology, simply because this is what they’re used to. Community research software, above all else, is super easy thanks to today’s digital world.

4. You Get Access to More Participants

When it comes to research, the more participants you have, the more accurate the results will be. Focus groups can only handle small groups of people at a time, but with the right online community research software, you can easily test market 100 people or more to get the data you’re looking for. Once you focus on a large group of people to get answers to questions so you can determine their interests, you can move forward to the marketing and promotional phase of your advertising campaign. This is likely one of the biggest advantages to having this type of software.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.