Office Space Options for Your Property

Whether you have a small office to work with or you simply want to update the space for 2022, there are numerous layout options to suit your property to maximize the space and make it a nicer environment to work in. With just a few adjustments, you can make an office feel much brighter and larger. These tips will provide you with some inspiration for your own office to create an appealing, comfortable and practical office that makes the best use of the space, whatever the size of the office.

Put flexibility first

A flexible approach is an effective way to maximize space in a smaller office, as you have the option to adapt the layout to suit different purposes. Instead of a traditional desk layout, you can create zones such as shared workstations, booths for quiet, focused working and breakout spaces. You’ll be able to make the space work harder by dividing it up into different zones – a commercial office fit out can be an effective way to utilize partitions, mezzanine areas and more to create a functional yet flexible work environment. Business owners can also blur the lines between work spaces and common areas to create a comfortable yet practical office.

Make the most of vertical space

Thinking vertically is one of the most effective ways of improving an office and making the most of the space you have available. Yet it’s often overlooked, with all the storage and furniture in an office placed on the ground. Taller shelving units and filing cabinets, slim but tall cupboards and wall-mounted storage that makes use of dead space above doors without it taking up floor space can really maximize an office, giving employees a place to store documents and equipment without it impeding the size of the office.

Use compact furniture

A clever use of furniture is a great way to maximize space in your office, so choose modular furniture that can be moved around the suit different needs. Foldable or stackable furniture means you can store excess items away discreetly, so you only need to worry about them taking up room when you need to use them. There are also options that come with integrated power modules to free up more space and reduce clutter. You may also want to consider choosing smaller furniture such as compact desks that will take up less space but still serve their purpose.

Choose innovative designs for unused spaces

There are innovative solutions to make the most of small nooks that aren’t as productive as they should be. For example, narrow booths can be installed in corridors or in stairwells for phone calls so that staff have somewhere private to take calls. Every office has areas that aren’t put to good use but finding a purpose for every space can ensure that even the smallest office is practical.

Create a sense of space with clever lighting

Lighting has a big impact on how people feel and how productive they are in the workplace. To make the most of a space, choose the lighting carefully to make the space bigger but also more practical for those working in the space. Where natural light is available, it’s always the best choice so fit glass doors and move desks near windows to make the most of it. In place of natural light, where it’s not as practical, LED lighting is an effective option that is also environmentally friendly

Clear cables away

Offices can quickly become overrun with tangled cables with all the tech equipment used, from computers and printers to phones and conferencing equipment. It makes an office look untidy but also hazardous, as there’s the risk of tripping over a loose wire. Cable ties are an inexpensive way of keeping cables tucked away, or you can implement cable covers to tuck cables away on walls or under desks.

Final thoughts Creating a functional, attractive commercial space can be tricky, but with careful planning, you can make the best use of the space you have available for your employees and clients. With just a few adjustments to your office layout and some updates to how you design your layout, even a small workplace can seem surprisingly spacious.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.