IT Mistakes Your Business Needs to Avoid

Many mistakes that happen in business are caused by a lack of focus, rather than a lack of education. They are problems that can be easily avoided but through neglect or simple human error, they’re not. But businesses have the opportunity to see this as a benefit because it means that by taking a more active role in managing IT systems, these mistakes can be avoided. These are some of the common culprits that businesses need to avoid, and how to ensure your IT systems run smoothly.

Not training the whole organization

Too many businesses keep the IT-specific training for the IT department only, but this is an error for several reasons. Firstly, by training everyone in the business, teams can work together more smoothly and efficiently. Secondly, in training everyone, there’s more flexibility when it comes to role mobility and responsibilities. Businesses should invest in training for all their staff, not only those who are dealing with IT roles directly, to keep everyone aware of security risks and best practices.

Resisting new technologies and systems

So many businesses stick to the software and processes that they’re used to, assuming that the way they’ve always done things is the best way. But this resistance to change can leave affect your business’ performance, from slowing down install times and internet loading to updates and upgrades being incompatible with your current hardware. It makes workflows inefficient and puts your business behind the competition. Instead of sticking with what you know, don’t be afraid to update software, stay on top of new technologies and keep your processes agile for the best results. 

Not replacing UPS batteries

A UPS battery system can protect your business against a loss of coverage if there’s a power failure. It eliminates the risk of unpredictable interruptions, helping you to maintain maximum uptime. From CCTV cameras to medical equipment, UPS batteries can be useful for a wide range of sectors. UPS systems protect your devices from blackouts, power transients and power surges. But no battery lasts forever, and you need to maintain your UPS batteries and take note of its lifespan in order to benefit from this protection. APC replacement batteries are the best solution that will help businesses protect their back-up system.

Neglecting cybersecurity

Cyber threats are a concern for every business, yet many assume that a data breach or a ransomware attack will never affect them. The reality is that a cyber attack can devastate a business, both financially and in terms of reputation. Businesses of all sizes need to be on guard and prevent these attacks through careful consideration of passwords, using malware software and staying educated on the latest threats, such as phishing emails and the ways scammers may try to gain access to systems.

Not backing up data

One of the most common mistakes businesses make is not backing up their business data and system infrastructure. From computer viruses and crashes to hard drive failures and theft of computer equipment, the worst can happen when you least expect it, leaving you without your most valuable information and documents. While backing up your data won’t avoid these issues from happening, it does mean that you won’t lose the data and it can be restored when you’ve fixed the problem. Businesses should run a backup of all data regularly so at the very least, you’re only missing out on the minimal data.

Relying on technology to do the work

Technology is essential to your IT infrastructure, but it’s not everything – you can’t rely on them to do all the work. Even the very best software requires input to make them more efficient and while they can augment your processes, you need to implement the operational infrastructure to keep the business running smoothly. All too often, businesses rely solely on software to do the hard work, but technology should be used to enhance your business policies and systems, not as a replacement for your team.

Final thoughts

While mistakes are inevitable, whatever you do, taking precautions when it comes to your IT systems will avoid these mistakes from derailing your business, whether it’s preventing cybersecurity breaches, staying up to date with the latest technologies to improve your efficiency or keeping on top of education for your whole team.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.