Office Renovation Tips: 7 Ways to Keep Your Workplace Comfortable

A happy employee equals a productive employee. 

Studies show that an employee’s happiness can increase their productivity by 12%. A lot of that happiness is determined by the atmosphere in which they work. Employees working in a space that’s optimized for productivity means a higher chance your business will see success. 

Is your office building in need of some TLC? Keep reading to learn office renovation tips to boost productivity and employee satisfaction.

1. Workflow Should Be Your Main Focus 

When looking for workplace renovation tips, think about the workflow in your current office layout. 

When an employee makes a copy of a document do they have to travel to the other side of the office? Do your employees have to make the trek to the basement storage room when they need new supplies? Do employees frequently visit other departments because they’re located too far apart for easy communication?

Think about the normal routine of your employees and how rearranging their space can improve their productivity. With an office remodel, now is the time to make sure the layout makes sense. 

2. Ditch the Open Floor Plans

While on the subject of layout, an open floor plan is another one of the more popular office renovation ideas. But, studies have shown that open floor plans actually decrease productivity and employee morale. 

Open floor plans prioritize shared spaces and attempt to promote collaboration. But instead, they take away each employee’s dedicated space and privacy. 

When an employee has their own private space to work, they can set up their desk to optimize their own productivity. The ability to claim a space as their own and decorate it as they want promotes creativity and shows that you value them as a person. 

Even though employees may have to walk around the office to talk to someone, this may be just the thing they need to get their blood and ideas flowing. 

3. Make Sure the Building Is Properly Insulated

When you walk through your current office do you see employees wearing sweatshirts and running personal heaters? Are desktop fans a frequent sight in the summer? 

When employees are uncomfortable by the temperature this can distract them from their work duties. If this happens, your office renovation is the perfect time to properly insulate the building. 

Consider hiring a company that offers cool roof technology like TEMA Roofing to restore your office’s roof. In addition, consider updating the windows and doors in the building. Not only will your employees be more comfortable, but you’ll see savings in your heating and cooling costs. 

4. Give Your Employees a Space of Their Own 

We’ve already nixed the idea of open floor plans when it comes to workplace renovations, but the need for space goes beyond that. Your employees also need space beyond a desk to work at. 

A few employee spaces to include in your office are:

  • A kitchen, complete with appliances and places to sit
  • A relaxing breakroom to unwind and destress
  • Private conference rooms made available to all employees

These are the basics that every productive office should consider. Other great options to include if you have room are gyms and childcare rooms. 

5. Maximize Lighting in the Office

Lighting is something that many businesses forget to account for when remodeling. When you’re doing a large renovation project, you have the perfect opportunity to maximize the available light in your office. 

If you have the ability, consider adding in more windows. Floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way to let in as much light as possible. Make sure to apply window tinting so that employees don’t have to deal with screen glares. 

In addition, add better lighting fixtures throughout the office. Consider switching all your lights to smart lights that automatically turn on when someone enters the room. This feature is convenient for your employees and will help eliminate wasted electricity when no one is present. 

6. Invest in Ergonomic Furniture 

When planning for office renovations, don’t forget to update the furniture in the office as well. 

When your employees practice proper ergonomics, your business will see increased cost savings, productivity, and morale. Ergonomics will also decrease absenteeism and the number of your employees experiencing pain. 

To help achieve all these benefits, provide your employees with ergonomic furniture. Consider standing or providing adjustable desks and invest in high-quality chairs. Give a workshop on proper ergonimics once the furniture arrives so your employees can benefit. 

7. Don’t Underestimate Color Psychology

The last tip to consider before starting your renovation project is color psychology. This is the study of how different colors affect a person’s emotions

Painting your office blue can help calm and soothe your employees, which is good if you work in a high-stress industry. Yellow walls promote energetic and cheerful emotions, which could help in a creative environment.  

Think about the ideal emotion you want your employees to display and find the color that best suits that emotion. 

Follow These Office Renovation Tips

Using these office renovation tips, you have a better idea of the changes you can make in your own business. 

One thing to keep in mind is that this renovation is going to most directly impact your employees. Because of this, we suggest asking them their opinions on any renovations before they begin. They can suggest simple changes that make the renovations work better for them, resulting in happier employees. 

Looking for more ways to make your business as successful as it can be? Head to the tools section of our site for all the best small business resources. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.