Momni Review – Caresharing app

That is so awesome! Momni is going to change everything! Just thinking of a world where moms who need/want to work or just need a break can know their little children are in the care of another mom, in their home! And those who desire to stay home with their children will be able to and still be able to meet their financial needs. That is just so huge! GO MOMNI! Can’t wait to hear more!

Momni is a great website! I love the idea of care-sharing, and it’s wonderful to see that your efforts may not only benefit you and those in your community, but also mothers around the world!

Great way to connect moms and childcare. Whether you are a working mom who wants better more affordable daycare, a mom who would like some extra income, or someone who just needs a babysitter once in a while. This is an easy and trusted way to fill those needs!

This is an amazing startup that helps mothers and fathers with childcare. Obtaining quality care can be one of the most difficult aspects of parenting. The ability to find quality and affordable childcare so you can go to work is made possible with Momni.

Excellent company with a vision to change the world; not only through care-sharing but by strengthening mothers whether in the home or in the workplace.

The ideas and training provided help me be a more engaged and present mother to my own children and to others who come into my home.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.