Make Your Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

Behind every successful brand is an enthusiastic team of people. Brand ambassading entails highlighting traits that are unique of the brand with the potential for consumers to invest in it.  However it can be difficult to seek outside ambassadors who are as passionate as you about the many facets a brand has to offer. The solution? Turn to your own employees by implementing and using employee recognition software! You already have a team of people who are aiding in the expansion of your brand in one form another, so here are some simple tips to turn them into low-key brand ambassadors.  


A brand by any other name wouldn’t have the same authority as it does. Neither would your employees. Personalized custom name badges are a great way to show employee recognition and inspire some extra branding. Name badges can be cut into various shapes and sizes, like mascots, logos, or even crests. Badges are quickly becoming a go-to accessory for bags and jackets, and aligning your brand with fashion trends can bode well for promotion and reputation.

Online Advocacy

Most brands have a content marketing team that determines what kind of content they place on the web and when. However, this mode of promotion can sometimes come across manipulated or even unhuman (which can deter customers). Try creating an online hub or platform that’s specific for employees to discuss what they do within the brand. This makes brands engaging and relatable for customers. Which in turn can make employees feel personally invested in the brand they work for and enhances the brands trustworthiness.

Stick Out

Walk into any cafe these days and you’ll for sure enter into a crowd of patrons all sitting in front of their laptops. It’s more and more common to see laptops being adorned with all kinds of stickers. A great way to hone in on brand power while also making employees brand ambassadors is to supply them with branded stickers for their own laptops!  Laptop stickers are great for promotion because branding can be seen wherever the laptop is seen. Laptop stickers included in employee welcome kits also give employees incentive to support to branding efforts while making them feel immediately like part of the team.

Fun Incentives

A fun way to get employees on board with brand ambassading is to offer them incentives to sweeten the pot. Offer employees the opportunity to earn things like coupons, discounts, or additional freebies for their extra brand ambassading efforts. It’s important you don’t frame these incentives as a contest though, as competition can discourage some. Instead simply mention to employees that being a brand ambassador is an important part of business expansion and that their ambassading endeavors won’t go unnoticed.  


Patches have been a standard accessory staple for decades now, and with modern technology are becoming even trendier. Custom patches made online allow you to choose not only what’s printed on the patch, but the colours embroidered on the patch as well – meaning you can create patches with colours associated to your branding! Customizing patches for individuals or specific departments makes brand ambassading less of a duty and more of a workplace perk.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.