Make Sure You’re Working Productively from Your Home Office

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For anyone who has been working from home for a while now, we’ve had the opportunity to see its benefits in action, namely the increased flexibility in our schedules and the decreased time spent commuting to our workplaces. 

If you weren’t initially inclined towards working from home, you’ve probably had the opportunity to get over the initial hurdles this can bring. However, with the trend continuing for the foreseeable future, it’s crucial to take stock and see what is and isn’t working for you so you can excel at work while working from home. 

Increase the Light

Having a well-lit, bright space to work in is essential for your mood and productivity. Choosing an area to work in that gets plenty of natural light through every window product helps your alertness, concentration and mood, all of which will aid in making you more productive. 

If you don’t have an area you can work in that gets a good amount of natural light, you can use lamps to brighten your space and mirrors to help boost any natural light you do get in your home. 

Have a Dedicated Workspace

You might feel tempted to change location around your home depending on your mood — working from the couch one day, the kitchen table the next, or even your bed. But having a dedicated workspace is essential not only for increasing your productivity but it also helps to establish clear lines of when you are and aren’t at work. 

It’s understandable that working from the same spot day after day can become tedious, but this is precisely why it’s essential to have these boundaries. This is also beneficial for when you need to take a break. When you need a break from work and step into another area of your home, it allows you to unwind and come back to work with a fresh perspective. 

Limit Distractions

Working from home can blur the lines between your work and home lives and introduce many new distractions that you’ll have to resist. With the convenience of working from home, you may think having the TV on in the background or doing some chores is harmless. But doing these things can quickly end up sidetracking you, and before you know it, you haven’t gotten any work completed. 

Keep your chores to a particular block of time, and try to keep the TV off. Listen to music instead, as studies have shown some types of music can help reduce your stress levels and improve your mood, in addition to enhancing your cognitive performance.  

Take these steps to improve your productivity when you’re working remotely from your home. Taking these into consideration will help to ensure the time you spend working is focussed and productive, leaving you to be able to better enjoy your time at home when the workday ends.

Be sure to take frequent breaks to ease your mind and to stretch your body. A common way to do so is to set a few minutes aside everyday to practice a form of yoga.

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