How to Make Your Restaurants’ Online Ordering More User-Friendly

In order to make your restaurant a success, emphasis should be placed customers ordering online. Making your site or restaurant ordering app more efficient and user-friendly is going to help make your business more money. 

With that being said, here are some helpful tips to ensure your restaurants’ online ordering is the best it can be.

Create An App

A website can be great for those who prefer to order from their desktop computer or laptop. However, the majority of people nowadays do a lot of their buying from a mobile phone, regardless of what it is they’re buying. The same can be said for takeout and orders from restaurants. 

Why not take a step into the future by creating an app for your restaurant? It’ll help cater to all those who tend to order from their phone usually and it’s going to help encourage more customers to use your services more often. 

Creating a custom restaurant ordering app is the way to bring your restaurant into the future of online ordering.

Include Pictures Of The Food 

People enjoy seeing exactly what they are paying for. When it comes to your online ordering option, make sure to include pictures of the food from the menu on your website or restaurant ordering app.

A customer is more likely to add something to their order if they can see what they’ll be buying, especially if they’re ordering from a cuisine that they’re perhaps not used to eating.

By including pictures of the food, it’s encouraging to those who may add on some extras that they wouldn’t have considered before. It looks professional and although it might take some upkeep if you have regular additions or removals to the menu, it’s still worth doing.

Offer Exclusive Deals For Online Only

With online shopping, a lot of businesses nowadays will tend to tempt online shoppers with exclusive deals that are only available online on on the restaurant ordering app, rather than being able to use them in-store.

Offering exclusive deals will not cost your business much, but it can definitely help your business increase sales, as it give those customers that push they need into ordering something because it’s been deemed an ‘exclusive’, or they are getting a deal.

By nature, many customers will be excited about the fact they have access to something that only exclusive customers have access to. In addition, many customers will order more than what they are getting the deal on, which also increases revenue.

Keep The Ordering Process Short & Sweet

When it comes to the ordering process and how quickly they get from picking the menu items to making payment, you want to keep it short and sweet. 

Try to limit the number of taps and clicks you require,because if you have too many steps, it can often lead to mistakes being made or them giving up on ordering altogether.

Making your restaurants’ online ordering more user-friendly is going to benefit you greatly, so use these tips to ensure you do it properly and that your customers get the best experience possible.

Chris Turn

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