Maintaining Your Career with Children and Finding that Balance

Climbing the corporate ladder is tough regardless of the industry you are involved in. This might require long hours to reach the levels that you would like. Professionals that have children have to find the balance between pushing it to the next level at work and fulfilling their parenting duties. The age of remote work has made this far easier but not everyone is lucky enough to enjoy a remote role. There is going to be a trial and error period while doing this so do not be too hard on yourself. The following are tips to find the balance between advancing in your professional life with children.

Putting in Hours at Home

You might not be able to stay at the office for extended hours but this doesn’t mean you cannot work extra hours. Parents that have children in sports of a certain age, bringing your laptop to practice is an option. Some children do not want their parents watching practice as it embarrasses them. Getting in a few hours of work without it impacting time with your children is essential. Promotions rarely go to people with average production numbers as this person likely will not be able to take on new responsibilities while maintaining current production.

Sending Your Children to a Top Preschool

All parents want their children to get ahead early when it comes to their academic life. The right preschool is going to provide structure along with a learning curriculum to help foster development. This will give them a great place to meet friends and develop in a social manner as well. In terms of your career, a preschool can allow peace of mind knowing your children are in great hands while giving you time to work.

Teens Can Help with Younger Siblings

Teenagers can be a huge help to their younger siblings by giving them rides. They can also be trusted for the most part to watch their siblings when you are out of the home. Most teenagers are more than willing to drive their siblings places if it gives them the privilege of driving for personal reasons. Teens can also handle things around the house if needed. Do not put too much on your teen though as their grades and personal relationships are still extremely important.

Working Remotely a Few Times a Week

There is likely going to be a trend of being able to work remotely a few days a week in some job roles. Others might allow their employees to work remotely full-time if they desire. If you want to advance in your career you should do a mix of this. You want to be present in the office to impress management but still want the extra time with family you can afford without having to commute and get ready for work. Looking into freelancing or contract work might be an option if you are more worried about income than your career trajectory.

Maintaining your career without underperforming as a parent is possible but it will take discipline. You might have to work on a weekend or at night due to attending a few games or performances for your children during the week. There is nothing more satisfying than being a great parent while providing financially at the same time. 


Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.