Lindberg Process Equipment Announces a New Product Line: American Made Howden Fans

Energy efficiency is at the top of everyone’s list, but never more so than in industrial applications. At the latest estimate, the industrial sector of every country accounts for at least 30 to 40 percent of that nation’s power consumption, and a great deal of that can be reduced with proper cooling methods. For this reason, Lindberg Process Equipment is proud to announce the addition of a new product line, American-made Howden fans.

Why Howden Fans Are Special

Anyone might ask what makes Howden fans so special to prompt an announcement like this from Lindberg Process Equipment. Actually, there are several factors which make Howden fans the gold standard of fans built for industrial applications.

Of primary importance is the fact that Howden was the first to receive ISO 9001-2008 certification and maintains that prestigious honor to this day. In addition, Howden meets or exceeds a huge number of international and national standards and codes, making them a gold standard benchmark within the industrial applications sector.

Why Announce Howden Fans Are “American Made”

Of course, quality assurance is huge with Howden and as for being American-made, this is something which many American companies are now focusing on. With an ever-growing awareness of the adverse and oftentimes inhumane conditions under which workers in many nations are laboring under, the American public is growing increasingly incensed by what they consider to be a violation of human rights.

But, that is only half the story. The other huge consideration is that American manufacturers are held to the strictest codes in quality, which makes Howden fans superior in literally every aspect when it comes to energy efficiency over a longer lifespan. This is one manufacturer that holds itself accountable to every code and standard applicable to their industry.

The Need for Efficient Cooling Takes Precedence

According to one fan manufacturer’s association in Australia and New Zealand, the largest draw on a nation’s energy is the industrial sector. Dr. Simon Bradwell says that “Big cooling tasks need great technology,” and that is what Howden fans are most notable for. By using energy more efficiently, Dr. Bradwell says that the savings in cost and resources can be astronomical.

With a dwindling supply of fossil fuels, exorbitant costs of energy. and a lack of alternative sustainable power sources, this can offer huge advantages on a number of levels. Not only can production be more cost-effective but reducing energy consumption can also help preserve the limited resources our nation has available.

A Wide Range of Howden Fans Now Available at Lindberg Process Equipment

Summing it up, Lindberg Process Equipment is proud to offer a full range of industrial fans from Howden. These include, but are not limited to, such products as inclined fans, general blowers, and cast aluminum blowers. Being American-made is a huge advantage but the bottom line is the quality assurance behind each and every Howden product now available through Lindberg Process Equipment.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.