Level Up Your Digital Campaigns by Using Automation With Pipedrive

When it comes to the success of any online business success, your sales and marketing strategy plays a huge role. This can include engaging in activities like email marketing, lead generation, SEO, and social media marketing among others.

Luckily, in an era where there’s a tool for nearly every business process, achieving the kind of results you want mainly depends on how conversant you’re about using the right technology for the right process.

In sales management for example, numerous useful tools have been designed to help businesses manage complex sales processes. Most of these sales management tools can do so much more than just monitoring your sales and generating leads.

In this post, we have compiled a few creative ways in which can use Pipedrive which is one of the leading Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems to level up your digital campaigns.

Pipedrive – an integrated sales management and lead generation platform

You can accomplish so much for your business by adding your marketing data to Pipedrive CRM. Two of the tool’s most important functions are;

  • It helps you connect leads to the respective campaigns that generated them for easy tracking and consistent communication.
  • It also allows the sales team to engage prospects in a personalized way. This way, you can attract a higher volume of leads to your sales funnel and subsequently, fuel your sales growth by increasing conversions.

Automation with Pipedrive allows you to monitor the performance of different marketing channels. With this marketing tool, you can identify your main sources of leads and traffic and also generate valuable reports on how you can improve low-performing aspects of your campaign.

Automate email marketing processes

Business owners can automate repetitive email marketing tasks by using CRM systems such as Pipedrive. Here are a few pointers on how you can do it.

  • Synchronize your email to Pipedrive or any other related marketing tool.
  • Use customizable templates to prepare newsletters, emails, signup forms, and other communication materials.
  • Send emails to subscribers/customers directly from your CRM and sync the messages to your inbox automatically. This Mailchimp integration can help make this process smoother and more efficient especially when dealing with a huge mailing list.
  • Track your conversations or deals with specific contacts.
  • Automate real-time notifications when a contact opens or clicks through your email to schedule a timely follow-up.

Account management

Let’s face it, every business needs sustainable growth. It is therefore a pity that most business owners only focus more on tracking their initial sales and fail to upsell their products.

Your job is not done once you make that first sale. In fact, this is where it should start. Use Pipedrive or any other similar marketing tool to manage your customer’s journey and increase revenue per client. Improving customer service and earning their loyalty is a great way to increase their lifetime value.

Track your customers

A key function of CRMs like Pipedrive is to help you identify your customers’ behavior and preferences to enable you retarget them with relevant advertisements and float the right offers. Tracking also allows you to view customer appointment bookings from different platforms including your business website and social media profiles. This way, you’re able to update your calendar appropriately and gather helpful information about the client before the scheduled appointment.

Create and store files

An effective marketing and sales management system should be able to create, organize, and store files for typical business elements such as contracts, meetings, and applications. Also, other than files, they should help in storing crucial customers contact details and additional engagement information that’s relevant to your campaigns. Find these and more in-built functionalities in Pipedrive CRM to help you boost your marketing efforts.

Handle customer data correctly and comply with GDPR policies

Integrating a CRM system into your customer acquisition and management process is key in helping you personalize your digital marketing campaigns.

But it doesn’t stop there.

CRM systems such as Pipedrive can help you comply with the recently sanctioned GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) policy on personal customer data. As you possibly know, this policy imposes restrictions concerning how online businesses manage customer data. Failure to adhere to these guidelines come with significant implications to your sales operations on aspects like sales tracking, cold calling, and emailing practices. Fortunately, you can store data on Pipedrive and other secure CRM systems to prevent third-party access.


As the world moves towards artificial intelligence powered systems, businesses need to keep up with the pace by integrating automation technology into their digital campaigns. This will not only help to reduce administrative tasks but also increase marketing returns.

Whatever your digital marketing requirements are, the right CRM system will help you run business operations more efficiently. And remember, your CRM platform isn’t just for sales – make the most out of it by integrating it with other compatible tools that enable you automate even more business processes.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.