Keep Your Home Clean All The Time With These 7 Top Tips

Getting your home clean and keeping it that way, are two entirely different things. You might spend a whole day cleaning and get everything spotless, only to find that in a couple of days’ time, it’s back to looking like a cluttered mess again. 

So is there anything you can do to stop your cleaning efforts from being wasted, and keep your home cleaner for longer?

Below are 7 simple tips to follow that should help you keep your home clean all the time, and not just on deep cleaning days:

  1. Declutter countertops

It’s easy for all manner of items to end up strewn across the countertops in your home, but most of these things can be given a home, such as on a shelf, or in a drawer. By putting things away after use, too, you can easily avoid cluttered countertops that are not just unsightly, but are hard to clean as well. 

  1. Make bedmaking, a daily habit

This small task takes but a few minutes and has so many benefits, and yet so many of us neglect to do it each day. Make your bed when you get out of it every morning, and you can help set a productive tone for the day ahead, make your room look tidier, and get a better night’s sleep, too. 

  1. Find a home for clutter

As mentioned in Tip Number 1, most clutter can be found homes for or disposed for as appropriate, and there are plenty of smart storage solutions available to help you minimize clutter for a tidier home, and one that’s easier to clean, too. 

  1. Take footwear off at the door

This is one of the simplest and most effective ways to reduce dirt and dust in the home, and by taking all outer footwear off before entering the home, you can keep your home cleaner, for longer. 

  1. Don’t be a refrigerator hoarder!

While you might not be able to see your refrigerator until you open it and look inside, it can still contribute to a dirty home. Try to have a weekly sort-out of your refrigerator to prevent food from going bad and smelling or leaking all over the place, and avoid overstocking it if you can. 

  1. Don’t leave a sink full of dishes

Dirty dishes can instantly make a home look and smell grubby, and if you don’t have a dishwasher, be sure to tackle all dirty dishes and other cooking and eating items, on a daily basis. Going to bed without doing the dishes is a cardinal sin, and one of the quickest ways to make you dread getting out of bed in the morning!

  1. Clean little and often

Many of us are tempted to wait until our homes are really dirty before we clean them, but this only ever makes the task harder and take a whole lot longer. With regular cleaning in small amounts, you can eliminate dirt, dust and other allergens, and keep your home looking much fresher and hygienically clean every day. 

For a home that’s hygienically clean and fresh-smelling every day of the week, why not skip the tips and hire a cleaning service? With regular bi-weekly cleans from a professional company, you can enjoy a clean home without any of the fuss. 

Griffin Kilmeade