Jobs of the Future

Did you know that 32% of workers have quit their jobs because they weren’t allowed to work from home? After the COVID-19 pandemic many employees shifted to working remotely, and many are hoping to stay that way even as offices are starting to open. To ensure their employees are happy with their working environment, many businesses are adapting their current workspaces.

Many businesses are implementing more flexibility in their work days along with offering the option to work from home. For spaces in the office, there will be an emphasis on wellness. Workspaces will be designed for comfort of the employees, and many companies may even offer bringing pets to work.

With workspaces changing, ideas around work are changing as well. Companies are focusing less on hierarchy and more on teamwork. With workspaces where employees are working together, there is less need for one single manager to delegate tasks. Without supervisors, employees can utilize smart assistants such as Alexa or Siri in order to prioritize and sort their tasks.
The way we work is changing as the years go on. With technology advancing, employees have more opportunity to work the way they want, and companies are adapting to make that a reality. Learn more about the jobs of the future in the infographic below:

Jobs Of The Future
Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.