Is Binary Options Trading Safe?

Reading an article about financial investments these days means you’re likely to encounter the term “binary options.” Binary options yield sky-high returns for all parties: brokers, advertisers, and users, and this isn’t bound to change anytime soon.

So, while it’s safe to say the entire thing is legit, it remains to be seen if it’s “safe” safe. Though one thing you can be sure about binary options is that it’s risky.

InvestManiacs helps you understand the inner workings of the industry and the risks involved, which would either encourage or discourage you from taking on the venture. Either decision would make sense; it would just be up to you to decide.

How Does Binary Options Work?

Binary options allows traders to invest in over a hundred different assets and make an educated guess on their future price positions. Get it right, and you could receive up to 90 percent of your initial trade as commission, but get it wrong and see your investment reduced to nothing.

By the sound of it, some might think of the venture as more of betting than investing. Still, it has its merits, especially when you’ve reached professional-level prowess.

Is Binary Options Safe?

Binary options might share similar qualities to a sports betting platform, but that does not mean it’s a scam. It might not be as a real investment as many claim it to be, but it’s not fraudulent, either.

Most binary options brokers are legitimate businesses. They won’t steal your money or con it out of you.

However, you should be aware of the brokerage houses that promise things that are “too good to be true.” When you’re told expectations that sound too unrealistic, chances are they won’t come to fruition.

To be fair, there have been cases of average traders winning big, and that’s what usually convinces people to enter into these schemes. That said, these instances are exceptions and not regular occurrences. They have more to do with luck than hard work and skill, the winning combination to consistent success in binary options trading.

With a lack of awareness in this aspect, people sign up with binary options brokerage houses without a second thought. They forgo arming themselves with the necessary knowledge and skill required to succeed in such a venture and end up losing most or all of the money entered into the system.

Nonetheless, the answer is not as black and white as it seems. Proceed smartly and take unrealistic claims with a grain of salt, and you should be able to navigate the binary options world with little trouble. You might even get frequent enough high returns to encourage a long-term stint with your chosen platform.

Allow yourself to get tickled by out-of-this-world promises in exchange for the bare minimum, and you could have another thing coming.

The Possibility of Winning

Can you achieve success in binary options? If so, what do you need to do or rely on?


As previously mentioned, luck is an element that can take you over the winning line in binary options play. So, yes, there really is a possibility of winning in binary options trading.

The more luck you have, the bigger you win. The more hard work you put into the venture, the more consistently you get results. While luck will still factor into consistent success, it plays the most significant role in a one-time-big-time win.

Most brokers will be happy to let you think you can win consistently without putting in any effort. In reality, you still won’t get anywhere without research, effort, and some luck.

Research or Knowledge

Like sports betting, you need to have considerable knowledge about the said sport and the individuals or teams competing against each other. You might also have to factor in statistics, conditions surrounding the game or match, or compare recent performances vs. past performances.

There are tons of variables to weigh, and even then, it might still come down to the circumstances of the moment as opposed to past results.

That said, there’s a reason knowledge of these variables helps one’s chances of predicting a winner accurately. Thus, when you consider the variables that support binary options trading, the more likely you’ll end up with a win. It will take work to assess the risks and variables surrounding an asset’s future price movement, but that’s what needs to be done.

In the case of binary options, there’s economic data, political movements, business news, and key business events to consider. You would then need to look into their influence on market trends and stock prices. That’s a lot of time working and learning you might not have.

Binary Options Trading Is Safe if You Do It Right

One knows better than to enter into financial schemes without knowing the risks and the things it has in store. Such is binary options trading, so it’s vital to equip yourself sufficiently before giving it a go.

Pray for luck, but don’t expect it to be on your side all the time. Instead, back up your chances with research and skill development. That’s so even when you don’t end up winning; you also won’t lose more than you can bear.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.