Instructions for Creating Eyelash Makeup

Eyelash makeup in the current season occupies a leading position. It is thanks to the eyelashes that you can create a beautiful and expressive look. Dark, long, and maximally curled eyelashes are the trends of this season.

What do you need to create actual eyelash makeup?

If you are by nature the owner of long and lush eyelashes, then you do not need to use extended eyelashes, it is enough to use mascara from Romanovamakeup. An innovative brush with balls made of silicone provides instant twisting, elongation, and volume.

Mascara from Romanovamakeup from the page it is made in two colors:

  • BLACK. The standard black color is perfect for creating festive bright makeup. The mascara formula allows you to apply it in several layers without waiting for the previous one to dry. Lumps and glues do not form on the eyelashes, which makes the look as expressive as possible.
  • BROWN. A calm and muted brown shade is great for creating casual or office makeup. Eyelashes look natural while focusing on eye makeup. The brown shade of the mascara does not go into the red.

The mascara is designed in two volumes, which allows you to buy a trial version while paying much less. You can also buy mascara in full 12 ml, and this is much more profitable!

An indispensable assistant for creating bright eye makeup is false eyelashes, which allow you to create an expressive look even for owners of short and rare eyelashes.

Romanovamakeup specialists have created many different variants of false eyelashes that can make your image unique and memorable. Several options are presented on our website at once:

  • Tape. All eyelashes are made of high-quality ultra-thin synthetic material, which does not make the look heavier while making them expressive. The base of the eyelashes from the Romanovamakeup brand is as soft as possible, which allows you to repeat the natural curve of your eyelid.
  • Bundles. To create gentle images, it is better to use bundles. They look as natural as possible and allow you to visually lengthen or change the cut of the eyes.

Different lengths of false eyelashes are presented on our website, and you can also purchase a special cosmetic for eyelashes that will securely fix them. The glue for fixing false eyelashes from Romanovamakeup has a transparent color, which makes it invisible. The glue is universal and is great for decorative elements (rhinestones, etc.)

Tips for creating eyelash makeup

No matter how high-quality eyelash products are, it is important to know how to apply them correctly.

  1. Apply mascara by bringing the brush as close as possible to the beginning of the eyelash growth line. When stretching the brush from the beginning of the eyelashes to the end, make zigzag-like movements. This way the mascara will be better distributed over the eyelashes and make them longer.
  2. Also for a more expressive effect, you can curl your eyelashes with a curler before you start applying mascara.
  3. You can also use eyelash extensions, such as patches or a brush. Patches will help to remove puffiness under the eyes, making the look rested, and the brush will cope with the removal of possible lumps after applying mascara.

Experiment with images using false eyelashes of different lengths and shapes from Romanovamakeup. Long and bright eyelashes are the trend of the current season.

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