5 Essential Deliberations To Think About Before Installing A Driveway Gate

A driveway gate is an imperative safety feature of any home. Gates and fences have the primary function of deterring criminals and making it more complicated for them to gain access to your house. These features also offer added resale value of your property when you are planning to sell your house at some point. All County Fence understands that fences are a big investment and they seek to provide the best fencing solutions for your home

  1. Choosing The Right Gate

Your top priority when selecting a driveway gate must be whether you require a sliding, swinging, manual, or automatic gate. The second being which material you would like to gate to be constructed of, ideally it must be matching with your fencing. The last step would be figuring out which size gate you’ll be needing.

  • Reading The Manual And Warranty

The warranty provided for most gate kits is only valid if the gate is installed by a professional. If you are installing the gate yourself, make sure you have the appropriate tools. However, if you want the job to be done professionally and offer superior security, then it would be best to search for custom gates near me to find one that can assist you with a custom design.

  • Leveling The Ground

Before installing a driveway gate, the ground around the entranceway must be leveled; otherwise, the gates won’t be opening and closing correctly if the ground is uneven. You can also end up damaging the gates if they jam against the surface of the driveway. Also, remove all obstacles that may get in the way when the gate is operating.

  • Setting The Gate Posts

The posts must have markings to indicate where the bottom of the gate must be installed. There must usually be three inches of clearance between the markings and the ground. Be sure to think about the placement of the hinges when you are planning where to place the posts. Also, watch the property line.

  • Digging Holes For The Posts

Always check with the local authorities about utility lines before you start excavating for your driveway gate installation. Only once it is safe, can you go ahead with digging the holes for the gate posts. Holes must be more or less 6 inches deeper than required, and the additional space must be filled with concrete. This will avoid the gate posts from settling and getting in the way of the gate operation. Concrete must settle for at least two days before continuing. The posts must be level once they’re planted. If not, the gates will hang clumsily and won’t close properly. A professional may be the best choice for doing this right the first time around.

  • Going Ahead With The Driveway Gate Installation

Once the gate posts are placed correctly, the rest of the gate can be installed according to the manufacturer instructions. Keep checking and measuring that everything is level as you’re progressing.

Conclusion: It is not too complicated to do a driveway gate installation yourself, but there are certain risks involved. An incorrectly installed gate can not only be a frustrating issue to deal with, but it can also be hazardous. It pays to have a professional do the work for you since they know precisely what to do, especially in case of installing automatic gates. Make sure you get in contact with a registered gate and fencing specialist to perform the job quickly and safely.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.