Injured While On The Clock – What To Expect From Your Employer

While most jobs don’t come with a high probability of being injured on the clock, the number of unexpected injuries that can happen out of the blue would surprise you. Most people are not aware of what to expect from their employer if they’re injured while doing their jobs unless they have experienced this before. Long story short, each state legally requires employers to provide a safe environment that minimizes the chance of injury. While many employers are well-aware of the safety regulations that they’re required by the law to provide to their employees, not all of them succeed at abiding by these laws and regulations.

Even the safest workplace environments are not free of injuries, which is why employers need to always be prepared to deal with an unexpected injury. The type of injury can vary according to the job and employee; they can range from broken bones to food poisoning from the company’s cafeteria. To help you be well prepared, we’ve assembled a brief, yet comprehensive guide on what to expect from your employer if you’re injured on the clock.

Wait For The Report

Your employer can’t do anything about your injuries if they’re not reported to them. They will be expecting a detailed report of the injury that includes the exact time it happened at, the location, and other specifics. Since different states have different conditions, the report can sometimes be required to be in writing and not just a verbal notice. To stay on the safe side, your report should be made in writing, regardless of the state you’re in. The employer is probably well-aware of the statute of limitations on injuries, so they’ll be cross checking the date of filing the report with the date of the accident. If you report the injury too late, beyond the statute of limitations, you can lose your legal rights to workers’ compensation.

Handle Paperwork And Communications

Your employer should work in complete transparency with the company’s insurance provider to file a workers’ compensation claim according to the required regulations. Your employer should also know that it’s in their best interest to maintain a clear narrative of the situation and all the details surrounding the accident.

Sometimes the injury can seem like it happened outside the premises, like in a car while you’re running an errand for your boss. In that case, you need to seek expert advice from a local attorney because the laws covering work-related car accidents vary by state. The experienced lawyers from believe it’s also important to be aware of how the insurance company can often misrepresent the right to compensation for medical expenses and trauma in a car accident. Whether they claim that the injuries aren’t that severe or didn’t happen on the premises, you’ll want an experienced lawyer by your side to shoot down these false claims. You should expect your employer to provide you, the doctor treating you, and the insurance company with all the necessary paperwork to ensure that you’ll be compensated fairly, according to the type of injury.

Quick Response

Employers should always have a plan in place in case a work-related accident happens. Your injury can increase in severity if your employer doesn’t take decisive action, not to mention the extra costs that the employer has to bear if they don’t quickly respond according to a sound plan to the accident. Your employer should have varying plans for different injury scenarios, not to mention provide training classes on safety to employees and supervisors. Your employer should be able to provide first-aid kits that are fit for various injuries. If the injury is too severe or life-threatening, the employer should get in touch with an emergency contact, which should be saved for every employee right after they sign the contract.

Understand The Process Of An Injury Lawsuit

Your employer is going to want to avoid a lawsuit because litigation can consume time and resources way more than a simple compensation or settlement would. Your employer is expected to stay transparent with all the parties involved like you, attorneys, insurance agents, and doctors for the whole duration of the lawsuit. A drawn-out lawsuit neither benefits the employer nor the employee. You shouldn’t rush to file a lawsuit because most injuries are usually settled by workers’ compensation claims, except for very few cases. It’s extremely important to have experienced car accident lawyers by your side before you think of filing a lawsuit because; without proper consultation, a lawsuit can backfire and harm you instead.

As an employee, you’ll want to make sure that you’re following all the safety regulations detailed by your employer. This doesn’t mean that you’re guaranteed not to be a victim in an accident, but it will surely reduce your chances and give you the right to full compensation. Whether your lawyer advises you to pursue litigation or workers’ compensation, make sure to have a firm grip on the basics of personal injury laws in your state.

Annika Bansal

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