Importance Of Uptime Monitoring Services And Maintenance

This is an age where having a strong online presence should be a top priority for businesses. It is necessary for all enterprises to have a proper website that will help to coordinate their online activities. Websites are like a company’s brick and mortar stores where clients come over to when they need goods and commodities. Imagine your clients coming to your store and finding that your doors are closed, or the entrance is blocked, and they cannot access what is inside. This is the feeling that clients get when they come to your site and find that it is down and not running. One notable thing that is seen on the web is that there are plenty of options and if you are unavailable, the customer will directly head over to your competition.

To avoid such scenarios, you should ensure your site is always up and running by getting the best uptime and monitoring services available for you. You should also maintain it from time to time and look at the key things that define a website’s performance to ensure that customers have an easy time finding the information they need. But what are the benefits of doing it? Read below and find out the benefits of uptime monitoring and maintenance;

Reduce Bounce Rates

One thing that is prevalent with internet users is that they are very impatient. A user will click on a site and if it loads for more than a couple of seconds or is not loading at all, they will go. Having reliable uptime and monitoring services will help to avoid these bounce rates which are bad for any business. The more traffic on your website, the higher the chances that visitors will be interested in the goods and services being offered and make purchases. On the side of website maintenance, customers will also leave your site if they find something unpleasant about it. Proper website maintenance is all about improving the user experience and this helps to reduce the bounce rates.

Peace Of Mind

If you are running an active website that is involved in something like selling of commodities, it is evident that you cannot have the peace of mind if you are not sure about how your website is running. However, this should not be a worry for you if you have reliable uptime monitoring services checking your site for any possible case of downtime. This is a huge challenge for businesses, and if you have it covered, you will comfortably deal with all the other essential aspects of your business and only wait for a notification indicating an instance of downtime before being forced to act.


Any business is boosted by the automation of important operations such as maintaining their website and checking for downtime. It has several benefits both in the financial and efficiency aspects. One significant step of automating your operations is by getting a reliable uptime monitoring service that will continually check for the status of your site and only prompt you if there is a problem to be dealt with. Checking for uptime manually is hectic and tiring for one to do and human beings are always susceptible to errors and might not give an accurate report the way a computer-based tool would do.


Important For SEO

Google has a complicated algorithm that it uses to rank websites and they are all based on the practices that are aimed at giving internet users a better experience. Website maintenance is utterly vital for your SEO. It is good to format your website in such a way that it is aligned with Google’s recommendations so that your rank can be boosted. SEO is good for your business since it increases your online visibility and could generate you more revenue if your business is an e-commerce one. Your rankings will be significantly hurt if the WebCrawler finds your site is down since the impression it will get is that your site is not working.


Getting uptime and maintenance services from Path Network Uptime Monitor will require you to invest some money and these are things that have a good ROI if you look at it from both the short-term and long-term perspective. When looking for these services, always stick to the best as it will get you value for your money. Imagine having a site where users actively visit to buy goods and think of a situation where it is down for ten minutes. This is very terrible as such a short span could result in massive losses. It is better to invest money in these services and ensure that your income streams in steadily as opposed to saving the money and then ending up suffering more losses later on.

Business Credibility

Customers like to trust their supplier of commodities, and this is built through constant availability. Being able to offer your clientele seamless access to the goods and services will help you establish your brand as a credible one and gaining the trust of your customers. This is important in the competitive world we live in as it helps you to keep your customers loyal and get a better platform to attract others due to the positive reviews posted by your existing ones.

Some benefits of uptime monitoring and maintenance services have been highlighted and you need to take your time when analyzing the options at stake before selecting one. Not all the services out there are good and the best one can be determined after looking into a couple of crucial factors. One major thing to assess is the number of years the firm has been in services and what their track record is. You want to deal with a firm which has been offering the monitoring services for an extended time and is greatly acclaimed by the players in the sector. This way you won’t worry about entrusting your business lifeline to a firm that does not have what it takes to keep your site up and running all the time.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.