Why One Should Have An Eyewash Station In A Laboratory?

Currently, science is in some kind of boom, where more and more people specialize in some scientific area in order to conduct research to improve the knowledge of humanity more and more. In this sense, chemistry is one of the most versatile sciences that exist, due to the large number of experiments that can be performed.

The problem appears when one of these experiments involves some kind of dangerous material to the health of the researchers. There are hundreds of materials that can pose a risk to the health of people, so it is necessary to have some kind of contingency plan in case of an accident.

This is where certain standards are born that require certain safety elements, among which the eye wash station stands out. This is a small security station where researchers who are exposed to hazardous materials can wash quickly and avoid any consequences for their health.

In this sense, these stations must comply with a series of characteristics in order to fulfill their function correctly, according to the previously established standards for this type of environment. Among these characteristics, some are as following:

  • Must be made of resistant materials, so that they can resist the action of hazardous materials. The most used material is steel and some types of alloys.
  • They must be located at least two meters away from the hazardous materials deposit, where unexpected problems of this type usually occur.
  • It must have enough space for a person to enter the washing station without any problem.

These are some of the characteristics of use and that these types of installations should have. Normally it is necessary that the eye wash stations are installed with great care, so that all the standards are complied with, especially with the Australian standard AS1940.

Where To Get A Washing Station?

If you belong to a scientific environment that works near dangerous material, you need to know where you can get a quality eye wash station. There are specialized stores in this area, so you will not spend much time searching oninternet which are the best options.

For example, you can get an eye wash station via Storemasta. The products offered by this store are of very good quality and that is what you should look for. To fulfill this objective, you must conduct research on the types of products that exist and the different brands that offer these products.

The most advisable thing is to look for information about the reactions of previous users, so that you can determine all the problems, benefits and disadvantages that a specific eye wash station had.

Is It Important To Get One Of These Washing Stations?

The answer is yes, since you never know when you can have a problem that involves some type of dangerous material. It is for this reason that in many of the scientific laboratories, if not all, it is required to have one of these stations for security measures.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.