How You Can Select the Best Gas Engineer for Your Business Requirements

If you are operating with gas appliances and equipment and require a gas installation for your business, you need the right gas engineer. Gas engineers can help with the installation of a gas system, but they can also fulfil your requirements in terms of servicing and maintenance as well as repair. But when you are looking for a gas engineer, they have to meet specific requirements as well, especially in regard to their qualifications. The following is your guide to selecting the best gas engineer for your business requirements.

Are they registered with Gas Safe?

While you can easily choose tradesmen for other work you require, such as carpentry or plumbing, the same isn’t true with gas work. When someone works with gas, they need to have the proper certifications and qualifications. For one, it’s best if they are registered with Gas Safe. Under UK law, anyone working with gas installations or appliances is supposed to be Gas Safe registered so they can safely work on different appliances and equipment using gas, such as cookers, boilers, and so on.

So how can you check if they are duly registered? The answer is simple: every gas engineer who is properly registered will be carrying a Gas Safe identification card. This card will include details of which gas appliances and systems the gas engineer can work on. Take special note of the gas engineer’s identification card number, because you can use this to check their qualifications further online.

The importance of the proper experience

Once you have checked their Gas Safe card and have verified their credentials, you can ask them if they have any specific experience with the task you require them to accomplish. For example, if you need installation work, then it’s best to go for a gas engineer who has particular experience with installation rather than just inspections or servicing. This is even more important if you require a commercial gas installation for your business establishment, such as commercial gas services in London provided by Gasway Commercial. Remember that not everyone may be qualified to do the job you require, so check their qualifications for your specific job on the back of the Gas Safe card as well.  If you want, you can even ask to see pictures of the work they have done in the past, especially if the task or job you require is a big one and has various complexities.

Get a quote

Now it’s time to get a quote. While you may easily be able to get a quote over the phone, it’s best if the tradesman or gas engineer sees or learns more about the specifics of the job first before they give you a truly accurate estimate. By checking the job and its requirements in person, they can give you a proper quote, and you will not be surprised with additional fees or charges later on. To be doubly sure of your choice, you can get around three quotes from different suppliers so you can compare the quotes you get and determine which quote works best for your needs and your budget.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.