How You can Integrate the “Jobs to be done” Framework into Your Work Process

Customer behavior and satisfaction levels are some of the most important aspects of your business and marketing strategies. To help maintain a steady clientele base and secure your spot in a niche market, you need to keep people happy. One way to ensure people are happy is by doing the proper research to see what is working in your business and what needs to be changed.

By using a specific program to help businesses figure out customer needs and identify how to meet them, they can come up with a “map” that helps them make it possible to transform the needs and wants of customers into tangible solutions for the business. Let’s see how businesses can customize this plan to work with their specific business strategy.

How can you customize the “jobs to be done” framework to work with your business?

Jobs to be done framework is a specific method and plan used by various businesses around the world that helps companies as a whole, or smaller teams, figure out the opportunity behind their clientele’s behavior and actions. The jobs to be done framework helps businesses figure out what people are trying to accomplish, instead of solely asking why they might purchase a specific product. See more on how jobs to be done framework works.

After figuring out why their clientele base and target market want to purchase their product and what they want to achieve with your product or service, you can then figure out how to change your marketing strategies, products, and services to fit that particular job.

Businesses can change the jobs to be done framework to meet their needs by helping to define the target market and the job that has to be “done”, uncovering the customer wants and needs, quantifying the degree to which each need is required (how much does a customer want something), figure out new opportunities for your business, align your products with the new marketing plan, and conceptualize new products.

Drivers of customer decisions

Businesses can analyze specific jobs that are identified within the jobs to be done framework, such as the “drivers” behind why customers act a certain way or enjoy your products or services. The “drivers “act as the influencers to help narrow down why customers choose certain products and why they enjoy them more than others.

The drivers of a customer’s behavior typically can be broken into three categories, such as attitude, background, and circumstances. Businesses can analyze a customer’s attitude by figuring out their personality and expectations of others. Then, businesses will look into the long-term background that drives the customer, such as the cultural motivations and socioeconomic factors. Lastly, the business will analyze the circumstances, such as the short-term factors that influence buying decisions, to help change their jobs to be a framework.


Businesses can analyze certain facts about their customers to change their jobs to be done in a framework to meet their specific business needs. By determining what makes a customer tick, what they are looking for, and their motivation behind a purchase, businesses can tailor their marketing ideas and products to their target market.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.