Why One-Time IT Fixes Are a Terrible Idea

In the modern world, we thrive on technology, and many of us use tools and applications to do everything in our lives from connecting with friends to working on projects, and enjoying our favorite hobbies – so what happens when our technology fails us? 

The idea of going a few days or even a couple of hours without our computers might seem impossible and this causes many of us to try and fix small issues ourselves. While a one-time IT fix might work for a short while, it is important to note that other issues may follow which are harder to handle. 

Today we want to talk about the importance of having managed IT services in Los Angeles and why you shouldn’t rely on one-time fixes yourself. 

Unexpected problems

Often when fixing one issue on your computer, what you might not realize initially is that you have created another issue that you don’t know how to fix. Hardware is a tricky thing to manage, and if you are not trained you might end up causing more harm than good when you DIY it. Luckily you can find managed IT services in Los Angeles to help you manage IT issues consistently for yourself as well as for your company. 

Malicious downloads 

If you are working on a project in the office and you need a tool for something, you might look online for a free tool to get you where you need to be. Although there are a lot of legitimate sites out there offering downloads for you to use, there are also malicious sites out there created by hackers to get into your computer to steal data. As a non-trained professional it is all too easy to fall into this trap and this can really damage your computer and cause a security breach to your whole business. 


As a business owner or manager, you will likely be looking for any which way to save money. This is understandable, however, it should never apply to your technology and any repairs carried out on it. As a business owner, paying for a managed IT service to work alongside the business will save you money in the long term. Professionals will be able to spot mistakes and issues at their inception and as a result, can fix issues before they snowball. Avoid expensive repair fees by instead hiring a team of professionals to handle the day to day maintenance for you. 

When its time to replace 

If you are at home fixing a computer over and over again with the same result, you may assume you are doing something wrong and you need to try more repairs. What you won’t understand as an individual or a business owner is the right time to replace a machine once it becomes unusable. Professionals understand the lifeline of computers and they will know when a computer simply needs to be retired.

Use these tips to understand why you and your business need managed IT services this year. 

Chris Turn

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