How You Can Attract Top Talent At Your Small Business

Small businesses at times can have issues attracting top talent when they are competing against huge corporations. This does not mean that you cannot attract the talent but it will be far tougher with competition. Taking a proactive approach to hiring the best candidates possible is the first step. Hiring the right combination of people can set a small business up for success for years to come. The wrong hires can drain cash flow and impact business negatively so it is extremely important to hire the best people possible. Below are ways to attract top talent regardless of what industry that you are in.

Internship To Hire Programs

Internship to hire programs give a company the ability to see how a person works with minimum costs. Top talent that are about to graduate from college will compete for the internship as having a job right after graduation is a dream to many college students. Seeing if the person is a fit within the company as far as their personality and working style is very valuable information. Setting up this program will take time but it can improve the quality of hires which is worth the time.

Make The Office A Place People Want To Work

Creating an office that people enjoy going to can be a challenge but it can make all of the difference. People coming in to interview will observe the energy of current employees as poor morale is quite easy to sense. Post pictures of the office as well as events like company parties as those applying for a job might want to see what working at the company is like. Things like having the best electric massager to sit in a few times a day might be the thing that attracts an all-star employee that wants to work in a relaxed environment.

Work From Home Opportunities

Allowing people to work from home can be one of the most attractive things to a potential employee. People are willing to take pay cuts if they can work at home as it gives them quite a bit of freedom. Obviously the person will have to come into the office for training but once they have shown they can be productive allowing them to work at home on a probationary period is wise. Some people cannot get work done at home so a probationary period is important then after the period is over the company can decide whether the employee can work from home permanently.

Competitive Salaries

Money is important to people as it will be hard to find top talent if you are paying far under the industry average. Bonus systems can help attract a potential employee especially one that specializes in sales or other commission based jobs. If you simply cannot pay the industry average then hiring from outside the industry can be done. People that are amazing at sales can do it in nearly any industry with any product/service. Remember this when hiring a skills that translate to job success can be found all over but it is a risk hiring someone without all of the necessary experience.

Attracting top talent to a small business will not be easy but it is more than possible. Start hiring all-star after all-star and watch your small business grow!

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.